Need a new bell, Cadillac area

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by TrekJeff, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Hoping someone could save me some time so I can be in and out of Cadillac and avoid the holiday traffic. Other than the MC and Dunhams, were are the go to places in Cadillac for bird dog supplies....I need to stop at TSC for food anyway, figured I'd upgrade her bell as I can't hear it worth a damn in thick cover.

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  2. Good luck most of thr storebought ones probably same as what you have. Try lioncountry supply online. Good supply good service.really like Canadian lo-tone not to bulky sound carries well

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  3. Yep
  4. Wow 40 dollars for a bell. I had to talk myself into the 20 dollar northwinds bell from Lion Country. Some day I wont be so cheap
  5. Sheep bell from TSC....
  6. I've been using a browning cow bell style that I got from Jay's in Gaylord. If I remember right it was $12-15.
  7. northwoods long range bell from lcsupply is a great bell with a low tone that travels well in the woods. not as great in a pheasant field, but perfect for woods
  8. Picked one up and a bag of Pro at TSC, well see how well it works, its a mid tone. If that doesn't work out it was only a cheap $6 remington bell. Can always use it as a back up. We'll see in the morning when I take her out to the area we've been finding grouse.
  9. Depending upon how big your dogs runs, I bet you'll be fine. Conditions (at least in zone 3) this AM appear pretty calm. Looks like a nice morning to get your dog a load of bird contacts.

    Regarding expensive bells, most grouse trialers will pay more for not only a good bell, but also to create a collection of a variety of bells to help differentiate their dog(s) from their brace mate's. Trying to handle a fast, wide-ranging dog when the brace mate has a similar bell is an exercise in futility.
    In almost all hunting situations, and with the variety of electronics available (as either a backup or primary tracking source) a single high quality bell should do it.
  10. Lion Country. I believe it's called The Northwoods Bell. My GSP ranges far in thick cover. Seem to be able to always here him
  11. I have a couple of the LCS Northwoods Long Range Bells and a LCS Canadian Low Tone. I run he Low Tone if I run a bell. I get tired of listening to the Northwoods bell. It's LOUD.
  12. Yes what he said. Canadian is softer sound but carries well. Much easier to hear for those of us who have lost some.

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  13. Today I couldn't hear my canadian lo tone past 150 yds. It was windy and the terrain was hilly. Of course no bell no matter how loud it was would have helped today.

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