Muzzle-loader:What's your favorite projectile & load.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BuckBuster, May 20, 2005.

  1. Knight mk 85 predator stainless. 260 grain lead knight bullet. 90 grains 2f. Less than a inch at 100 yards. S

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  2. At first, I was very skeptical of the bore butter. I did a lot of research before I used it. Many people and articles said, "do not use it."

    However, at the prodding of my father-in-law I did use it. I have not noticed any change in ballistics. The sabot is a lot easier to load. My sabots were not impossible to load before, they just took a couple extra seconds and effort.

    I have actually noticed that my barrel is easier to clean as well. With or without it I have been shooting cloverleaf groupings at 100 yards, in the bullseye. Bore butter works for me. Maybe over a longer period of time I will notice negative effects. So far it has only helped me, as far as I am concerned.

    Back to the original topic, I use 300 grain shockwaves, 100 grains of American Pioneer, in my CVA Wolf .50 caliber magnum.

  3. I used it , i didn't like it.It didn't do what it said it would.Just my 2 cents!!
  4. So far I am using 130 Grains of 777 Pellets and a 348 Grain Hollow Point Powerbelt. Only taken one deer with this at 140 Yards, deer spun around at the shot then tried to walk and fell down and couldn't get back up. By the time I reloaded my CVA Staghorn Magnum and got over there to the deer it was stone dead. No exit wound but when I opened the deer up it was right full of blood in chest cavity and looked like a grenade or bomb went off inside making identification of the shredded remains inside a job for CSI. Very happy with this combination.:D
  5. Wow.a 348gr. hollowpoint Powerbelt!The largest i ever shot was a 295gr hollow pt. Powerbelt with a 100 grs. of powder(Pyrodex)
  6. I use Remington .54 Cal 303Gr JHP, core lokt. A .44 bullet in a .54 sabot. On my 50 cal I use Hornady .50 sabots with a .45 in a 300 XTP Mag. A JHP as well.

    Oops, I use 3-50 pyrodex pellets with the .50 and 2-50 with the .54 cal.
  7. Traditions lightning .50, 295 powerbelts, 2x50 grain pellets
  8. Are the powerbelts aerotips or hollowpoints?Just wondering!
  9. In my T/C Hawken - 90 grns of black powder , 385 grn Great Plains conical,
    devastating inside 100 yds.

    In line - 135 grns of 777 , 300 grn SST, great load out to 200 yds, very accurate !
  10. Sure,it's flatshooting but does it have the killing power to kill cleanly at those ranges.I've got a friend who got rid of his 45cal for that reason but his was a caplock.I don't think he used as much powder as you have...
  11. I have a Thompson Center Triumph and have experimented with many loads. I've tried Hornady pistol XTP bullets w/mmp, the pre packaged hornady sst's, powerbelts, barnes, and TC shockwave's. I've tried 777 pellets, shockey gold pellets, powders of both with varying primers. This is what I've settled on:

    Barnes XPB Pistol bullet for a 460 S&W, it's .451" and 275 grains
    MMP sabot, the standard black sabot, not the easy load
    110 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder
    Winchester 209 shotshell primer

    It's dead on accurate in my gun (1 inch at 100 yards) and with the Blackhorn powder I find I don't have to clean nearly as often as any other powder. It almost seems more accurate and consistent after a shot or two. I'll shoot all day and clean at the end. If I know I'm going hunting I'll go back out and zero it with a cold, clean barrel. I dry fire a primer before the cold shot, as I would do before I load it before going in the field.

    I can save a litle money on standard primers rather than the super hots. Also, use a little less powder with same velocity due to it's high temp and burn rate. My muzzleloader is far more accurate with a tight fitting sabot as they get grooved on the way down and the bullet becomes more stable in flight I think. I've never had good groupings with the easy load bullets. With this new powder they are not nearly as hard to load after a few shots, especially compared to 777.
  12. I will throw my vote in for the .250 gr Barnes , with 115 of loose 777 poweder out of my T/C Omega. I absolutely love these bullets after dealing with frustration of the powerbelts...
  13. Gun Winchester Apex .50
    100 grains Jim Shockey Gold, 265 grain Hornady Interlock in a crush rib sabot, remington primers. My favorite load because it killed my biggest buck ever on 12-18-08 a nice stateland Gladwin County 9 pt.
    Gun CVA Eclipse Magnum .45
    So far the 200 grain sst's shoot good but its still in experimentation stage. The gun seems to be a bit overbore so I am testing Hornady Great Plains which now appear to be discontinued?:rant:
  14. Buckbuster,

    Yes, the load will kill cleanly. I have taken two deer with this load, out of two attempts. One was a lung and heart shot. Found the deer in the cornstalks 40 yards from the point of impact. Second deer was a quartering away shot, hitting liver and lung. Same result; the deer was down in seconds, in the corn about 30 yards from point of impact.
  15. Thanks for your answer...

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