Muzzle-loader:What's your favorite projectile & load.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BuckBuster, May 20, 2005.

  1. In my caplock gun:T/C 54 cal.Renegade I like to shoot a maxiball I think it's around 450 grain,with 90 grains of loose Pyrodex powder.In-line gun:T/C 50 cal.Black Diamond.I've tried sabots,& wasn't happy with results.One day when I was shooting 240 gr. sabots at 100 yds.My group was about 3 inches.I use 2-50 gr. Pyrodex pellets.I tried a 50 cal. 245 gr.Aerotip powerbelt not a sabot.Shot 2 shots & put them basically in same hole.I used them in Virginia, Shot a buck & 2 does.Shots were 30 yds. running,80 yds.standing,& 136 yds.standing.But the bullet never expanded at all.I dug out 2 of them.Could of used them again.Although the two standing deer fell in their tracks.The running one lived a couple hours.The hole going in was the same size as the one going out.I changed the following year to a Powerbelt hollow point 245 gr.My accuracy is not as good as aerotip over 125 yds. but the bullet does expand.At least on the buck that I got in Virginia in 2003 & the buck I got last year in West Virginia.If anyone uses Powerbelt bullets I like to hear your experience with it.Thanks.

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  2. Haven't tried the powerbelts yet,but I'll throw my set up in anyway. Have a 50 cal. Knight rifle mod. LK93, syn.camo stock, blued barrel, w/a cheezy tasco 4x32 scope. I load with 100 gr. Hodgdon triple seven FFG, and Thompson Center mag express sabots, which are a copper jacketed 240 grain hollow point. They claim to mushroom 2x original diameter, we'll see when the time comes. I do know the accuracy is great, dead on at 125. It's to be used as my main deer gun, would like to get a better scope,though. Any suggestions? :chillin:

  3. no, i'm not using powerbelts - i'm a fan of pure lead...

    there's a great debate (maybe only in my mind, but anyway) about expansion vs. penetration.

    lead is arguably the most forgiving to shoot, and excels in applications less than 200 yards, at speeds less than 2100 fps, perfect for muzzle loading.

    i shoot a 325 grain buffalo bullet SSB (sabot) with 100 grains of 777, shot it out of a NEF huntsman, a Knight Disc elite, and a TC Omega - all of them liked the same load. by that, i mean ragged holes at 50 yards and sub 2" groups at 100. that SSB is a hollow point spitzer-style boat-tail, flies exceptionally well, IMO.

    pure lead expands reliably, transfers all the energy to the deer, and leaves an exceptional wound channel.

    the best part of lead is that you can get a box of those sabots i mentioned - $14, 36 per box.

    the worst part of lead - don't drop one if you want it to look like a bullet - they dent easy.
  4. .530 PRB/80gr Geox FFFG in a Lyman GPR (.54 Percussion)

  5. 100 grains of pyrodex (2 x 50 gr pellets) under a 175 gr .45 cal sabot. Has gone 2 bullets for 2 deer in the past 2 seasons.
  6. I just realized that they make a pure lead Powerbelt 245 gr bullet.I guess I'll have to try that.Thanks.:yeahthat:
  7. I have 2 muzzleloaders. My wife shoots my Knight Lk93 with a 250 grain Barnes Expander on top of 90 grains of Pyrodex 777, and I shoot a austin halleck 320 with a 300 grain barnes expander on top of 140 grains of 777. We have had great success with these loads for both accuracy and definatly knock down power! We have yet to have a deer take a step when hit with one of these. The expand perfectly and deposit virtually all of the energy into the deer.
  8. In my Knight I use Hornady sabots with a 240 XTP bullet with 150 grains of pyrodex pellets behind it. I tried going down to 100 grains of powder after I had it sighted in with the 150 and noticed a drop, as expected, and have stuck with the 150 grains. I am debating going back down again to 100 because a box of pellets would last 150 % longer.

    Overall, I've had great success with this and my Knight is my main deer gun. The max distance any deer I've taken has been about 30-40 yards, with a significant number of them dropping between 0-5 yards! ... that's meant to be the max distance [that they ran after the shot].
  9. I use a very basic but effective set up. (whole setup..$120)

    CVA Apollo hunter .50 cal.
    3x9x40 scope
    90 gr pyrodex
    365 gr conical bullet.
  10. 54 cal favorite load
    300gr 45 cal Hornady XTP Bullet over 95gr of Goex blackpowder, MMP Sabot, #11 CCI Cap

    50 cal favorite load
    220gr 40 cal PR Dead Center Bullet over 90gr Triple 7, MMP Sabot, Federal 209 Primer

    But I'm always looking for a new favorite load. ;)
  11. Knight MK 85, Hornady 200 gr xtp, sabot, 100 grains pyrodex, Burris 3x9. Shoots like a dream, I have killed two deer slightly over 150 yards away and dropped them both. I've taken many others at closer range with similar results. I have shot out to 200 yards and shoot 4-6 inch groups, I love it. :cool:
  12. Very interesting replies!Those of you who use sabots. how many shots can you shoot before the plastic starts fouling up your barrel?When I used sabots I had a hard time putting them down barrel after justs a few shots.I know you only need one to kill a deer,but at the range I like to shoot 10 sometimes especially when trying a new load.Thanks,By the way with Powerbelts,Its a dream to put them down the barrel.Surprised nobody has mentioned any thing about Powerbelt bullels in Michigan.
  13. I never have any problem with residue build up, I can shoot all day and only occasionally run a patch down the barrel. Years ago I began using Thompson's Natural lube 1000, it retards corrosion after firing, it lubricates the barrel making loading a breeze, and it softens the residue. I am not one of these guys who shoot 150 grains however, I shoot only 90-100 so my powder may be burning more completely thus leaving less residue in the barrel. I guess every 4-5 shots I run a patch lightly coated in lube and it loads great. And since I always follow the same proceedure my first and last shots are in my group, I don't have to "prime" the barrel as they say. After cleaning the barrel I run a patch of the lube and just leave it untill next time I shoot. Before shooting I run a dry patch or two, fire a couple of caps making sure I'm pushing wind, and then load the gun, I've never had a mis-fire and my gun's a MK-85 so I've been shooting it for 10 years now. Another benefit is that I don't have to hurry back to camp to clean my gun just because I fired it, using the lube I have fired the gun and not cleaned it for two or three days and it cleans up like brand new. I also rub a thin coat on the action and all exposed metal, no rust. I have fired well over a thousand rounds and she still looks new and shoots like it too! Good Luck:cool:
  14. Thanks To my brother inlaw Ken. He upgraded and gave me this one. I use the 240gr xtp on top of 150 grains of pellets. Straight 4 power scope made buy bushnell. This gun has taken deer at 120 yards but most inside of 50 yards. Im really impressed with the knockdown power.

    As for the powerbelts, they shot ok but not as good as the xtp's.

  15. I shoot a Savage ML I, 250 gr. SST 46.5 grs. LIL'GUN or IMR 4759, @ 2600fps and really rocks the deer.

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