Mutant deer?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Ole Spike, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. Have heard several people including a few on this site speaking about "mutant deer" which evidently is a regular sized deer with very short, almost midget like legs. I have hunted for nearly 30 years and have never seen such a thing, but what do you think? Do they exist and has anyone ever seen or killed one? Maybe some type of dwarfism in deer?

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  2. I have never heard of this.Its kind of funny though,are you being serious ?

  3. About 20 years ago , a guy showed me a picture of a piebald (sp?) deer feeding in his back yard with about 12-15 other deer. That deer was shorter and stockier than all the rest. Looked kinda goofy.
    That's the only one I've ever heard of. But , I find it hard to believe it would be the only one there ever was.
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  4. As mentioned, it's a common trait in piebald and albino deer.
  5. There was a doe that stayed on my friends property that had the midget leg thing going. She was normal in color but she looked like a dog running through the woods.
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  6. I would like to see a pic of one. I recall once seeing a deer hauling tail through the woods and it looked very (low to the ground) but it had a good sized body. Not saying I saw one but thinking about the mutant deer concept perhaps he was one ???
  7. I don't know if they are "mutant" deer, but I am pretty sure that whitetails in Florida are smaller than average as far as leg size, but the body is the same size as regular whitetails. I seen a special about it on versus.
  8. Last season I saw a porker doe that had really stubby legs. She was very dark colored and was quite odd looking.
  9. I have seen only 1 mutant deer in my 20 years of hunting. I saw it three times during the Bow Season, it actually caused some other deer to run by me and I arrowed 2 does becuase of it. If you ever see one, you will know it. My hunting buddy also saw it and we estimated it around 35 pounds. It looked a reddish shade of brown compared to the other deer but still had all other characteristics of a whitetail. It's legs were less than 10" tall. It was faster then the other deer. It's head was not much bigger then a softball. I saw this deer in southern Kent County. I wish I would have had a trail camera then.
  10. Last year I shot a spike that I thought was a doe. It had really short legs and a big body. here is a pic.
  11. I had one just like that on cam last year, still have it somewhere. What county did you shoot it in?
  12. i had one this year, early oct! could not believe what i was looking at! 3 deer come in, and the last one was the size of my beagel! no bs!! i stared and stared at it! just in dis believe, it was the size of a fawn! but w/its fall coat no spots!! i went to abc warehouse that night and bought a mini cam!! hunted that same area for weeks, but never seen that deer again! but the new camera got me, lots of good deer footage !

  13. Haha yeah go live in the south for a few years and deer hunt, i lived in georgia for 2 years while i was stationed there, and everyone kept telling me of there giant deer... finally when i seen them i about rolled on the ground laughing so hard, my chocolate lab was bigger then their deer! :)
  14. Mutant or cropped? If cropped, by who/what??


  15. That's weird looking!

    I would shoot a mutant one and make a full body mount out of it.

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