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  1. Ok I do not trap have no clue how to but I do have guns and I am guessing a tunneling Muskrat issue . the air pump stopped working in the pond and I am guessing one moved in now whats the best time to see the SOB that's burrowed in the side of the pond so its spongy in places I just want to blast it I have looked out there on sunny days rainy day and never see it anywhere

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  2. Muskrats are rather simple to trap. 30+ years ago we moved to our lake and the muskrat wars started soon after. Got a friend to take 90 seconds to show me how to set the traps. Caught 2 the first night. Some don't want to use the holes that can be trapped easily so a shotgun shortly after first light or before last light has taken care of that problem.
    I do have a trapper come in during Nov/Dec. to get any that show up in the fall. I put out my traps as soon as the ice melts to get the new spring arrivals.
    Buy a few traps you will use them for many years to come.
    DNR nuisance permits are easy to get.......probably will take 6 weeks.

    L & O

  3. Shooting at them near water would never be a smart thing I would think.

    Have you tried a hand held blade... IE: knife, macheti, ax, sword? This is a seriouse question. thank you.
  4. You will more that likely see them either at dusk or at night. Shine your flashlight out there and look for ripples. Thats how I can spot them. You will rarely see then during the day.

    As for what to do, I would get a nuisance permit and have one of these trappers on here go catch them for you (trapping is over and they will be getting the itch to trap something very soon!) . Thats if you are not going to go get some traps and set them yourself.:lol:

    Speaking of nuisance...SEAARKSHOOTER, sweet hubby of mine, those otter better be skinned when I get home. You aren't getting them done playing here in this forum. Get to work...oh, and is that trailer cleaned out yet? :evilsmile
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  6. did i hear a wip crack:tsk:
  7. Thanks for all the ideas my neighbor happen to have a rat trap so he came over and set it in one of the 3 holes we found , As for a knife attack I failed basic 101 shiv training in jail house rock and lack any and all ninja skills and prefer the gun method but the trap is set and I will check it , one tunnel I stomped closed wasn't reopened but they maybe using the ones we seen under water I will lets you all know . But the neighbor said he will drive his tractor over and around the pond and crush what tunnels he can and maybe I will tick em off enough to leave the hood :coolgleam
  8. A tire into one of the rat holes, you mite have more to think about than rats.Like was said shooting at the water, not a good Idea.
    with rats bringing good money,leave them be till november, you could make a killen, right in your back yard.
  9. Dang Dennis ... even with the sore finger, you don't get a break.
  10. You thought you heard that to, Wow that was load. LOL

  11. For those of us who live on lakes where we have spent thousands of dollars and many hours on improving our shoreline, letting them do damage all summer is not an option.
    We have to kill them as soon as the ice goes out in the spring until the ice returns in December.

    L & O
  12. You ever hear that ol song, I fought the law, and the law won?

    Same same mother nature.

    I wish you well................................................but Im pullen for the rats.
  13. Well we smashed tunnels and set trap and tunnels are still closed and trap empty , and leaving alone wont be an option as we walked around the pond sunk ankle deep in a hole and they say once the aeration pump starts they will leave I guess they don't like the noise will keep you updated if you want
  14. Don't smash the tunnels.

    Conibear 110 standing at entrance works as well as a .22 rifle at dusk.

    Aside from erosion problems, bank rats can cause injury to humans and animals.

    I have a pond but absolutely no use for them.

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