Muskrat Float Set

Discussion in 'Trapping Techniques archive' started by trapper_max, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. what is the best waty to make a float set for muskrats? any pics?:smile-mad

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  2. Max -

    Go to and do a search on muskrat floats. There was a thread on there a couple weeks back with pics. One float I thought was pretty cool used 1x2 welded wire and swim noodles. Pretty light weight and stackable.

  3. Hey Max..

    These are what i built last year.
    2- 2x4's with flat plywood underneath and a couple small 2x4's on top.
    They do not have to be this big , or have so much grass piled up in the middle , even though it seems to work good. Now i just put some mud on to steady the trap and a little grass with some apple in the middle. Hope this helps.

    The traps are secured underneth the bottom plywwod by a bent nail.


  4. I don't have any pictures but what I did was take a piece of 1X6 and hooked the trap underneth with a metal staple then just placed the trap on the top and jamed it in the cat tails. I used a piece of apple for bait it worked. I used a #1 longspring trap with this set up. The piece of 1X6 was about 24inchs long but can be any lenth.
    Hope this helps.
  5. How are these. I have como'd since the pic's were taken.



  6. thanks. fixed blade, what is the white thing on top of the grass? keep em coming!:corkysm55:corkysm55:corkysm55
  7. Fixedblade -

    Did not realize that other set posted over there, were yours. Did you use 1x2" wire as well?
  8. Since a 110 is about 5" x 5"...I'd say FB is using 1/2" x 1" mesh.

    My floats are just scrap plywood with 2x2's for the float/guides. I stable a small arch of chicken wire in the middle and cover it with grass. This makes it look like a little island but really adds no wieght to it....

  9. Good point N.C., guess I shoulda realized that.:rolleyes:

    Got the video today ... thanks.
  10. Yes the wire is 1 x .5. The white on top is a piece of white foam to represent an apple.
  11. NC - is that a cut up apple on your set?

    You rig that with a conibear or foothold? I can't tell in the pic.
  12. Erik,

    I think it was an apple on that particular float. There was a wild apple tree on the drive to my line, just off the side of the road...and I would often stop and throw a few into the bed of my truck. If it wasnt apple then it was potato. Both worked.

    I use Victor 1-1/2 LS for drowning setups like this...because theyre good and heavy. But for 'rats in deep water I think any foothold will work on a float.

    Not saying that my floats are really all that good, but I happen to have a pic of the construction, for what its worth...

  13. Pretty darn good to me. I'm gonna do a few up soon. They work well in the early season.

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