Muskegon Whitefish

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  1. We inspect every fish any marks and they go back no matter where my hook was. I asked a DNR officer one night about bow fishing for them which he said was legal as is spearing them. I pointed out a fish floating past us as we talked and asked if it was legal to spear or bow fish for and he said yes. one of these nights I might just bring a light and a spear or setup up my old bow for fishing. Somehow does not seem very sporting though. I am allways amazed at the number of guys that limit out every night while I am lucky to get more than a couple legal fish. I think the best night we have ever had was close to a dozen fish for 6 guys and close to 6 hours of fishing all of them were legal fish and I have no idea how many we tossed back but well over a hundred. Everyone seems to have a different version of legal mine are legal if the hook is in the mouth and it is not full of snag marks.

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  2. We managed 10 legal fish last night (or was it 12 fish... I didn't keep count) between 3 guys. All legal and hooked in the mouth. Anything not IN THE MOUTH goes back. We even threw one back that had the hooks imbedded right under the mouth... not quite in the mouth. Threw two back thaty were hooked between the mouth and the gill plate.

    We have also managed to lessen the number of snagged fish by downsizing our hooks and not giving the rod the ole "heave ho" on the way up. You still manage to snag a few simply because there are so many fish they will actually bump into your bait and get hooked no matter what you do.

  3. i was sitting on the step up by yr dad i beleive listining to the taller guy talking with ya COMICAL to say the least finally had enough and left
  4. Maybe the guy stutters and types the same way.:D
  5. The last time I was down there I became so disgusted with all the dead fish floating past, snaggers and drunken idiots I never went back. That was several years ago and it's only gotten worse. I figure people will continue this behavior until eventually the DNRe will just close the channel to fishing during the run. It amazes me the total disrespect some people have for such a wonderful natural resoucre
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  6. I reduced my hook size and really cut down on the foul hooking that gives me more time to fish and not net and throw back the ones my kids foul hook . I was out last sat early eve and the group of the guys near me threw back anything snagged as well as us and a others down river . The funny part was I had a guy up from us ripping that may have gotten 1 where my 12 year old caught 2 the proper way . We always inspect the fish before they go in the bucket . I`m sure the snaggers show up more when the run is on . The looks on the faces of the snaggers when someone from the DNR is fishing next to them and has been for 2 hrs is priceless :yikes:. I have met some nice people there and have witnessed the a-holes as well. I saw Foote Dam and Tippy at it`s worst and the Muskegon Pier is nowhere close. There is only one way on and off the pier and that keeps alot of the snaggers away or almost honest .
  7. Tim, you know many of us do everything possible to NOT snag fish. Downsizing hooks, downsizing spoon size, NOT doing the upward "rip", etc. We do our best to shake off the snagged fish so we don't rip a gash all the way up their sides. Not sure if it's gotten worse over the years... been fishing the pier for 5 years now and I haven't seen anything change really... still some morons and still many people doing what they can to get legal fish.
  8. Try Jays drinking game snag one you have to drink get a legal one everyone else has to drink.
  9. Well... I have been fishing the piers for way longer than 5 years and I really haven't seen anything change either. It's just that I won't fish the Muskegon channel for Whitefish anymore. I tried it once... and I don't care for it. I just don't see why one would want to go out and use a fishing method where probably LESS THAN 50% of the fish you catch are legally hooked... when you can go to a variety of places around the state and 99.9% of the fish you catch ARE legally hooked. (notice I did not say 100% because I actually have had whitefish "lasso" themselves around my leader :lol: ). Plus... the "season" to fish for them is much... much longer when fishing for them using bait. You don't just have the approximately 2 week window when they come into the channel to spawn. I have fished for whitefish off of snow and ice stacked about 5 high on a west Michigan pier in the dead of winter and done very well.

    As far as methods... well... like I said... whatever "floats your boat"! I have given instructions on how to fish for whitefish using bait on our website in detail... actually... probably have given out too much information!! :D:lol: So no one can accuse me of not sharing. I have no problem telling someone how and when. Anything other than that... well... I think there are some things that one has to learn on their own. It is part of the overall fishing experience. The information I have put out there for all to see was learned over quite a few years. It is valuable information that will make the learning curve on how to fish for whitefish a lot less than if you were to go out and learn it on your own like I did. Some of it I will give credit to the "ol' salts" of the piers. The rest I learned by trial and error. But I just kind of shake my head when I see new people coming on this site and want others to give out any and all kinds of information that is going to catch them fish tomorrow!! [​IMG]

    Yes... there are some very good friends of mine from this site that I have taken out fishing for whitefish and I put them on fish right away and more often than not... we "whacked 'em" pretty good (right Timmy... Ben... Darrin... John? ;) ). But IMHO... fishing is a trial and error process. And the information and experience one gains on their own is much more "valuable" than if you were to have it handed to on a silver platter.... because you did it the old fashioned way... you worked for it.

    So... you guys can have the "Muskegon thing". I wouldn't be too awful sad to see them close the channel for whitefish for the month of November and 1st half of December. It probably won't happen though... so be it. The DNR should put someone down there constantly during this time of year because they could probably put a dent in their budget shortfall with all the tickets they could write. :dizzy:

    By the way... yes... I understand fish can be caught legally there. And I commend all those that are trying to do whatever they can to maximize their chances to catch legal fish. But like I said... "whatever floats your boat".

    Ok... time to climb down off my soapbox now... [​IMG].... carry on men. [​IMG]
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  10. I was there last night, there were several snaggers who kept every fish they got. They look like East Europeans and I saw them last year too.
    This was what they (three people) did, two people were fishing and one person transported the fish to their car. I am sure they had more than their limits.

    If you pay attention to those people who do not use flashlight when fish is on, most likely they catch a "legal" fish and keep the fish.
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  11. Did you call RAP Hotline?
  12. What time do most of the "Festivities" begin?
  13. Dusk or later.

  14. For goodness sakes call the rap line!! Chances are good that there is a DNR officer within a few minutes. 1-800-292-7800. Put it in your speed dial.
  15. LOL you said you havent been there in a few do you know "it's only gotten worse"????

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