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  1. Hey guys I did some research on the area, and looked up past post but need a little more info I think. I know that the crowds will be big and what not, but I have never hunted a opener or even shot a duck for that matter. But anyways I never got into it when I was up north at LSSU but I have made friends with some guys that really know there stuff and hunt marsh type all the time.

    So I think we have a place to stay and plan is to head up thursday and scout all day Friday. But were just looking where to start or where we can access the lake or river. I'm not asking for spots or any of that cause we will do the hard work but on limited time and just need some good starting points. There will be four of us coming up from MSU area. Im not oppesed to Brimley or surrounding areas but this is the only
    weekend we can all go. We will have a 14' 9.5 hp or less and plenty of decoys to target as much as we can. They are concered about how big of water we would get into because of the boat size. Thanks for taking the time to read this and anyhelp will be greatfull.

    Feel free to PM me as I wish to keep it between us and you and not abuse the info. Thanks again and I really hope I get to shoot my first duck.

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  2. You can hunt from your rig, just takes longer to get out there. Just be careful if the wind blows.

    PM sent on where to launch, etc.

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    Thats an understatement. Just watch the Patriot the day before you go up. When the guys are in his front yard blasting away. Thats what it sounds like from 10 mins BEFORE shooting hours, for about 2 straight hours. Whereever you go, go there early. We stayed the night at our spot and there were people there before us. Since its your first duck hunting experience, don't think all duck hunting is that crazy. Good luck.
  4. you can launch at any of the resorts pretty much, there is also the public launch at the river in pickford.

    the crowds are huge there. this place was awesome years ago before the draught hit. you used to be able to go fo literally miles back into the marsh by boat but it is all dry land now.

    go there the last weekend of season and you will have the whole bay to yourself and ducks everywhere.
  5. Hey thanks for the PM's guys. Its really great that this site exist. I know I popped my head in here last year and learned some and HunterHawk was kind enough to take me out a few times but we just never had any luck. He's now gone and I'm back on my own(minus these 2 other buds that know some) so I really appreciate any of the info you guys have giving me. Good luck and Happy Hunting!
  6. Me and 2 of my buddies are attneding lssu were freshman this year and would like to duck hunt....weve done some hunting down state but if anyone could just give us some general info about the bay that would be awesome thanks
  7. Launched @ 2:30am a few years ago out of the PA on the river. Water was fine. Hunted amongst 12 different parties in about a 1/2 mile square. Stayed most of the day. Got the only 2 birds that came in. Wind switched during the morning and we were left high and dry trying to get back to the launch. Everybody out to lift and push the boat for over a 1/4 mile. :mad: Never been so tired in all my life. Haven't been back since.

    There are plenty of other areas to hunt in the UP with more ducks and less dudes. :coolgleam
  8. We are there every year and will be again. My usefull tips:

    Watch which way the wind is blowing. You can run ou of water VERY easily.

    Freightors make big waves.

    Find a flight path and Pass shoot. The ducks out there move because of pressure. If you are in their way you can have shooting that way.

    Stay late in the mornings when others leave. Ive finished limits a ton of times walking the reeds and jump shooting Snipe and ducks that swim off into the potholes.

    More decoys doesnt mean you can decoy more ducks than your neighbor. Ive had many a time that just a half dozen high quality decoys with a little movement in an adjacent pothole will out produce your neighbor with 100 carrylite decoys.

    Dont be the first one to shoot. You WILL have ducks in the decoys before legal time.

    Dont talk too loud. Sound travels well over the marsh. You can hear your neighbor bitching about his wife all the way on the other side of the bay. Nobody wants to hear your problems instead of enjoying the morning in the marsh.

    Get there early. We spend the night in the marsh.

    Have fun and shoot em up!
  9. that bay is so hit and miss...ive gone there and shot a limit, and gone the next day and seen advice, go out to (do some scouting)...
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  10. Check the dates of the first post. You dug up an old one. I was reading that Cass had never shot a duck and I was about to call BS then I saw it was from 2009. Ive seen some nice pictures posted by Cass

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