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Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by Stully, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. A group of us are heading up to fish mullet next weekend was wondering if anyone can give me any info on how the fishing is doing up there..


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  2. I went out on Black Lake last night and there was over a foot of slush water on top of the ice. I can only assume Mullett is about the same. My buddy had it go over the top of his boots. Sure there was still lots of ice underneath, but it was almost unfishable, and definately couldn't use the shanty. Last night we got 4 inches of snow and its been raining all day. So it's gonna be worse now. If you are planning on ice fishing I would recommend bringing your waders and fan boat. After last night on Black Lake, my gear is getting put away this weekend. Best of luck if you go and be careful. Maybe conditions will improve, but I really doubt if there are any more enjoyable days on the ice in the area.

  3. Thanks for the reply I have been checking out the weather channel and hopefully they are right about the temps for next week with what they are saying it should freeze things back up... we can only hope. With all the rain and wind down here our ice is pretty much history for this year... would like to get one more time on the ice this year....!!!!

  4. Hello stully,
    Mullet right now is no joy getting out on Right now but there is still plenty of ice thanks to the snow insulation the last month:rolleyes: Now that the snow has melted the ice will start to rise and get rid of some of the slush and water on top.
    I will let you know if the ice is getting better to get on next wensday.

  5. Chad, Thanks for the reply will be looking forward to the report wednesday. It would be nice to know before hand what we are going to be getting into..

  6. You guys that fish Mullet- do you know anything about the tulibee (ciscoe?) fishing on Mullet?
  7. :( Just got the news from the guy we were going to rent cabins from on Mullet, He said that he had to pull his shanty's from the lake and was going to have to cancel our trip.... He said the ice was getting pretty shady so I guess maybe next year. Thanks for all the replys to this post!

  8. We'll stully, I was all over the south end of mullet today and there is at least a foot of blue ice and about 6" white ice every where I went.
    Now If you stay in the bays the ice is hard all over but do not go out to the center! I made the mistake of doing that and 3 hours later I got my 4 wheeler unstuck. The blue ice was still about a foot thick out there but there is a crust out there that if you slow down you sink about a foot and it is really hard to keep the 4 wheeler on top. You stay in the bays and you will be fine.
    As for the person you where going to rent the cabins from he had to move his shantys off this weekend anyways. The 15 they have to come off.
    Fish report- Got some nice perch

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