Mount Of The Week 12/10 - 12/18 (PICS) Post Em Up!

Discussion in 'Taxidermy' started by Liv4Trappin, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Post em up guys and gals! Let's get this going. WEEK #1
    I'll start with a deer head from this weekend.


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  2. Beautiful buck Mike, nice job....looks very life like!

  3. looks great, i especially like that curvature of the neck, looks very natural, good choice.
  4. Almost looks like the McKenzie 6500 Series? I just finished these couple mounts this weekend.
  5. Keep them coming guys!!

    - Chris, nice bucks there in that good looking shop of yours.
    Good eye too, that is the 6500 series.;)

    - Jon & Holly I love that pedastal, looks great!

  6. I thought it was the 6500. If a someone is looking for a real natural relaxed pose that is what I always recommend. They are just slick as a whistle and mount really nice. I've done two this year so far and have one more ready to go. My avatar is the 6500. It is by far my favorite pose.

    By the way has anyone had trouble with the McKenzie 8000 series mannikins. I have done two this year so far on those forms and they just don't look right. The face seems to thin on some of them. I have had two come out great and two not so great. Maybe it has something to do with the measurements. Both had a 7 1/2" N-E with 19" Necks over the hair. Not very big necks so I am also wondering if that is what the problem could be. I know I could go to but I wanted to see what you all have to say. I don't have pics right yet but can post later if interested.
  7. probably 80% of my mnts are on the 6500 series. Best looking, most accurate face on the mrkt. 8000 series have a similar face-8400,8600,64--/UorD, and 4600 all have narrow and deep faces. Mears and Coombs tend to run a little heavier in the face than McKenzie. If you take a width meas. across the lachrimal crease and from the caruncular to the lower jaw, both with a pair of calipers, you will have a couple references for altering the head without guessing. I could post pics if you need.
  8. If you get a chance could you post pictures of what you are talking about. On my last few mounts, I used Mears forms because they have the fuller face. Some of the McKenzie forms have the thinner looking face. I believe this is because they were designed from the measurements of southern deer. All the mounts posted look very nice.
  9. I have tried to switch completely to Mears forms. McKenzie tends to have too narrow a face for northern deer. I spent time in Africa this year with one of the sculptors from McKenzie and he agreed that the faces were narrow.

  10. Sorry didn't mean to highjack thread. I still want to see what everyone else is working on.
  11. I want to post some pics, but I need 15 posts before it will's 13
  12. Huge, just put a picture in Photobucket, and copy the thread address over to here, you can get a picture up without waiting the rookie dues.

    had a new customer call today and leave a dead phone number, I just hate that because now I will look as if I don't return my calls.
  13. Chris, I see you learned how to do a brisket, the one on the wall must have been an early one? ;)
  14. Bump :lol:.Catch up ;),Mich

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