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  1. Just passing it along,

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    BIG CREEK TWP. — Jim Gannon got quite the rude awakening Oct. 7.
    “I heard my birds squawking,” he said. Gannon was taking care of a peacock, two peahens and several chicks that roost in a white pine behind his house along Big Creek. However, Thursday, when he awoke to see what the fuss was about, the first thing he saw was not the birds, but, allegedly, a mountain lion.
    “I saw the cat at six this morning. It ran through the light,” he said. “I’ve never seen a cougar around here in Michigan. I had to wipe my eyes.”
    According to Gannon, when he looked out his bedroom window, he saw a mountain lion. He said it was approximately five feet long, much bigger than bobcats, which are seen more frequently in the area, and had a long tail, rather than a short stubby one like the common bobcat’s.
    “It ate a peacock, a full-grown peacock,” Gannon said. “I went out and saw a big pile of feathers and a carcass down by the water.”
    He added that several markings on the white pine where the birds would roost appear to be signs that the cat climbed the tree to get the birds down. He also marked a spot on the ground that looks as if it is a paw print.
    George Kerschenheiter, a wildlife technician with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said the attacker could have been a mountain lion, but added there has never been a confirmed mountain lion sighting in the northern Lower Peninsula.
    “This is the trouble with mountain lions. At least in the UP, we’ve been able to verify tracks. Here, we’ve never been able to verify tracks,” Kerschenheiter said. “In order for us to verify it, we’d have to have some evidence.
    “In the UP, we’ve found tracks; we’ve found hair from a car-cat accident … and we’ve confirmed sightings on trail cams,” he added.
    However, he feels that eventually, a mountain lion sighting will be verified in the Lower Peninsula.
    “It’s a matter of time,” Kerschenheiter said. “We’ll confirm one here.”
    Kerschenheiter said that about five years ago, near Mapes Road in Big Creek Township, a mountain lion sighting was reported. When it was followed up by the DNR, though, it turned out to be an abnormally large bobcat. Kerschenheiter said bobcats usually weigh about 20 pounds, and the one spotted near Mapes Road was 45 pounds.
    Gannon said he is sure it is a mountain lion, as he is familiar with the animal from his time living out west in the Rocky Mountains.
    Gannon also thinks the mountain lion that killed one of his birds will return.
    “He’ll be back. I’ve got seven more peacocks,” he said. “I’ve got to hunt this cat, because he’s coming back.”
    The bird killed by the alleged mountain lion was the lone adult male Gannon had, he said. He had been raising it for about three years, he added.

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  2. All too familiar... We nearly lost a horse to one in Fairview (9 miles NE of Mio). The locals have seen them around our farm there on multiple occasions since we left.
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  3. Yikes,..thats where my cabin on the river is..Big creek Twp and near Big Creek...I'm going this weekend up there to maybe do a little hunting...if I see the cougar...I'll shoot it for everybody and sacrifice my hunting rights, but will need help with the fines..please send check, prefer cash: Beer and Nuts Legal Fund ..just in case!!!

    Next report though...could we get some (bob)cat dog hunters on that thing so we can at least tree it and see it...seriously I know a few dogman that would love to get on a reported cougar and run their dogs(if allowed by the DNR!).
  4. You're on!

    I don't need any help though,,, the cougar I'm gonna shoot is gonna "attack me" for sure,, I just know it....:lol:
  5. Used to be a guy by the name of Chuck Morey that lived in fairview that had some pretty good cat dogs. Not sure if he's still hunting or not though.
  6. My dad and I have seen them outside of Millersburg going towards Hawks.
  7. Well there they are. Cant argue with any of these sightings.
  8. I'm on the Mio Pond across the river from Rainbow Park. This spring some Amish bought property just west of us that runs almost to the river. They were down in there checking it out and several of them claim that a large Cougar ran out in front of them long tail and all and just stood there looking at each other. Thats not very far from Mapes rd. We have had some pretty big bodied Bobcats in our yard over the years so its hard to say. Some of my neighbors who have lived in the area all their lives swear they have seen Cougars over the years in the area.

  9. Well there you have it. Cougar as reported by the real cougar experts, the Amish. No further info required since the Amish have proved it!!!
  10. I don't think I suggested any PROOF just adding some local hearsay to the rumor mill...whats your point??
  11. Just stoking the fire for the believers
  12. ??????????

    Where is it???? Usually on page one of these threads.......
  13. It seems some folks have to be bitten in the back forty before they believe what others see. These cougars have been seen along the river valleys up here for some time now but I believe it is a complete waste of time trying to prove it to someone who has not lived up here and seen the cats for themselves. Bear, bobcat, cougar, coyote, and coydogs are predators that are found up here.
  14. I'm on Big Creek right near this sighting.

    I was up and getting ready to run bear baits at that time... must have slipped right past me. ;)
  15. I don't think it's a waste of time, it will just take proof. So far nobody can offer up proof. Plenty of stories but that is all. Based on most stories...especially those posted on this board, it's easy to understand why most don't believe them. If these sightings are as common as so many claim, proof should be easy to find. Hell people in that area still believe a guy shot a Cougar in Mio a couple years back because the message in their email told them so.

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