Michigan Sandhill Crane Season???

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  1. Was checking out the February issue of woods-n-water and noticed an article about the EUP CAC talking about an open season on Cranes and from what I gather the idea got some support.

    I for one would love the chance to bag one of those flying dinosaurs. Even if they made the bag limit 1 per day I would still dedicate time to chasing "the ribeye of the sky".

    What do you guys think the chances are of the state actually backing some science based hunting or is this bird going to have morning dove status forever?

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  2. Idk if they'll allow it but I've seen a huge increase in crane numbers over the last 2-3 years. Id love to shoot them myself. ive shot them in Texas on a trip and they're amazing birds

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  3. That would be so much fun. I would give it a shot if I could get 1 or 2 per season,

    LOL but that would depend on the split or zone....:D just kidding guys... lol
  4. That and a mute swan season would be nice. I know where those are piled up right now!!!
  5. At our farm in Cass county we have a huge problem with these, last year just after planting season we had a invasion of them. They basically walked up and down the corn rows plucking the little bit of green corn stalks that where sticking out of the ground just like you use to see in the old looney tune cartoons, anyhow we had the DNR come out and they really helped us out......he told us that we could shoot 2, we said 2 an hour, 2 a day, or 2 at a time, please elaborate? He said no I mean 2 and that is it. Well needless to say there where 1000's of them in our feilds and the neigboring fields, we ended up having to replant about 50% of our fields. We hired some neighbor kids to sit and watch the fields all daylight hours and everyday until the corn got big enough to where that bird would leave it alone. Everytime they landed they would take off on their 4 wheelers and chase them away.....So I am all for a season.
  6. If you make them happy with your paperwork they will increase the number for you over the next couple years. Shouldn't of been DNR who came out. Wildlife Services should of told you how many you can take.

  7. We hunted them in Texas too. What a riot. Our guide had two big chessies and wouldn't use them on em, said too many dogs were killed by crippled cranes. Excellent eating also. I would love a season on them.

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  8. Just about every open AG field in the EUP has been visited by sand hill cranes. They even drop into my food plots for a quick snack. I would like to see a season for these birds. I want to find out if they are really they "ribeye of the sky" as some say. I'll be planting barley just in case this becomes a wildlife order in 2012.

    Some of October's EUP CAC meeting minutes

  9. It'll never happen. Dove season part 2 regards.
  10. ^^ + 1

    What Joe wrote....

    Rather we spend money and political capital on having a dove season.
  11. Why does it have to be a state vote on this matter? Management of our natural resources should be based on sound science not emotion. Who makes thèse final décisions ? Why not propane bangers which work in other areas, not kids flying around on four wheelers tearing up a newly sprouting field, although i would have loved to do that. Crop depradation is no laughing matter when it hits you in the Pocket book.
  12. I dont think it would be an issue like the dove season was. Sandhill cranes don't fly into peoples yards and eat off their bird feeders. That was the problem with letting people vote on a dove season, they only saw doves as a cute bird that hangs around their yard.

    Most people in the general public probably couldn't identify a sandhill crane if you showed them a picture of one. Therefore most people wont care if there is a season for them.
  13. I would love a crane season, goose hunting in the EUP we've had multiple chances at cranes but always have to watch them fly by. The problem I heard was that Michigan is a big flyway for the cranes and when you get down south you are lucky to see 10 cranes your whole season. So population numbers arent as good as they should be. Thats just what I have heard as to why we dont. I would also love to have a dove season, actually did a project on that one year for a class.
  14. A vote for cranes being game birds is up to the legislature. They have to specifically identify game birds. Once that's done, DNR can then manage them.

    Remember, doves were identified as a game bird via Tabor's bill, but the antis forced a referendum (i.e., put on the ballot for elector vote) that ultimately overthrew that piece of legislation and returned the dove to non-game bird status.

    So, the question is: Will the antis put up a fight on the crane? If so, I'd rather go for a dove season as it will allow much more hunting opportunities than crane.
  15. The average citizen will hear Crane and think of the Blue Heron.

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