Michigan Salmon Spectacular! results

Discussion in 'Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports' started by plugger, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. If anyone is interested the results for Michigan Salmon Spectacular! derby are posted finally. I even had a daily winner!


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  2. Thanks for posting. Thinking of taking a week off to salmon fish next year, is this a yearly event?

  3. This was the first year. I liked the format the result and updating of standings left a bit to be desired. If the administration details improve I think it could be quite popular.
  4. Lots of folks from this side travel over for the fishing also. Some more advertising this way would bring up the numbers also I'm sure;). Would definitely plan my vacation around it if your planning on doing it next year.
  5. I wasn't involved other than being entered, the guy who ran it posts on the GLA forums a lot.
  6. Yes. There is a Facebook page for the derby.
  7. Yep thought so ryans a good guy. I had a 29#er and a 25.5#er i shouldve entered in whitehall :rant:

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  8. I managed to get #3 and #99 - with #3 being a bit shy of 29 1/2# (my 2nd largest ever!) Hope the payout is decent to defray loss of a full dispy rig with fireline which broke off on the backing line while still in the holder and cost of newer boat and rigging I did just before fishing in the derby.

    Haven't heard on payouts yet other than that they will be less than 100% due to low participation.

    He got it announced later than desired (just after Aug 1) and had some medical issues to deal with but managed to get it going. Next year should be much better and publicized better so there will hopefully be full payouts and some other sponsor goodies available.
  9. Mojo if u go to the salmon spectacular site it will show u the payouts. You have atleast a grand comin! Congrats!

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  10. Last I heard from Ryan is that there was not the required 1300 entrants for 100% payout and that the payouts would be significantly less than 100% (which 100% is what the web site is still showing). Late yestarday he said he was compiling all of the entry information and would determine payouts after completion of reviewing all the entries and fees collected.

    At 100% I would be pushing $2k but anything is better than nothing!!

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