Michigan, Most Improved Pope & Young Buck State!

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Management' started by Trophy Specialist, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. In the 2005-6 recording period, MI regestered 158 typicals and 12 non-typicals. MI jumped up the ranks to the 11th position and if we turn in a similar performance in 2007-8, then we would likely move up a few more places again.

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  2. That would be great if we keep the trend up, nice to see our state moving in the right direction with more numbers moving up on the record books. Seen quite a few potentials this year already, hoping the 3 potential Booners spotted last year are still around, think one of them may have gotten taken last year.

  3. You guys are talking about P&Y entries going up considerably, but no one is talking about why. What's more important?
  4. Any idea what the numbers were the previous year?
  5. Where is this information available?
  6. I think it's because of two reasons...one is more hunters are getting educated and second is as FL stated. In the past the chance of arrowing a P & Y buck was so low in MI, the odds were over 1:5000. I think many counties were registering so few P & Y bucks that taking one could mean an improvement of over 50 percentage points in some places. At any rate it's a good sign as small as it may be, that things are moving in the right direction.
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    Why is it happening?

    I think we are seeing a little return on the restricted 2nd tag.

    That being said, how long has that rule been in place?

    With results like that a portfolio manager would be given the axe.........:lol:
  8. The recording periods are two years. The previous recording period yeilded 114 MI typicals and 6 non-typicals.

    As for the reasons for the increase, there may be multiple causes. It could be as simple as the weather. If the weather during gun season was bad for deer hunting then that could have passed on more bucks to older age classes and they could have been harvested by bowhunters the next year. It could also be that there are more people passing up young bucks in certain areas of MI. Maybe the increase came from an increase big bucks in the MARs areas those years.:D I'd mostly suspect that it's becuase of an increasing deer herd in much of S. MI. More deer usually equals more bucks on the pole and a percentage of those will be big ones.
  9. DNR data shows that the yearling buck harvest percentage has not been changing in MI. Since there is not an identifiable trend towards older bucks in the harvest as a whole, by best guess at why P&Y entries increased would related to a change in promotion. If, for example, there are now more CBM scorers who are also P&Y scorers, it could lead to more cross promotion. Maybe there's been a stronger encouragement at some shows for eligible deer to be entered in both books. Regardless of the reason(s), actual harvest data is not reflecting a trend towards more older bucks in MI as some posters suggested.
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    I'm curious over the past 10 years what is the percentage increases for MI and it's surrounding states?
  11. i have been an outfitter for close to 20 years...in that time i have seen counties go up and down in the sizes of bucks that get harvested. i remember when i first started in this industry how "michigan was the place to hunt"..and now we are working ourselfs out of a 10year low on big bucks. everyone is talking about going to kansas,illinois,iowa...blah blah blah...i tell my freinds and family "have at it"..u will spend alot of time trying to find a spot to hunt there now that everyone is going there and land leases or getting unaffordable. michigan was the same way 10-15 years ago....now that technology has brought is trail cams and other such means of game watching,its very easy to find bug bucks. i have photos of 140-150 class bucks from my cuddy back cam that were taken this year in july . people think that michigan sucks to hunt...well we have more deer per square mile then any other state..and 2nd only to texas for total population. there are big bucks out there..use the technology offerd to you and you should be awarded for it..have a great day all
  12. I don't know about 10 year increases, but in his books Eberhart lists the number of entries in 2001 for most states.
  13. Welcome to the site Thunder River Outfitters.

    The reason that so many MI hunters go out of state is that the likelihood of tagging a trophy buck is infinitely higher in the states you mentioned (Kansas, Illinois, Iowa and others) as compared to MI. For many different reasons, the opportunity for P&Y deer in MI isn't even remotely close to what is offered in the states you mentioned, nor will it ever be. The primary interest that many of the frequent posters on this forum have is how MI could simply become better than what it is now.
  14. i will say this...i have hunted kansas,iowa,illinois..ect...if you take a 130 class buck here in michigan YOU HAVE DONE YOUR HOME WORK. michigan does need to do something....and NOW if they want to keep a half way decent reputation.
  15. If owener does not mine of this thread. Here are some other P & Y stats
    74% of the bucks entered in P & Y are by hunters with 10+ years
    The highest % of entries are from 25+ years of experience.

    23 yds is the average distance of a book buck kill

    78% book bucks are taken from tree stands

    7 out of top 20 typical bucks have come from Iowa.

    Bucks over 150 inches are rare. KY and IN have had the most increase of the years. KY 48.9% and IN 38.6 both states now have an OBR
    35% of the top ten entries in NT and Typical have been tagged in the last 7 years.

    1 1/4 is how close Hubert"Tiggy" Collins 203 3/8ths inch typical came from being the #1 archery typical world record.

    4 to 6 PM more P & Y bucks are killed in that time period than any other 38%

    Buffalo Count has 429 Entries in P & Y Top Dog!!!

    159-1/8th Is the highest scoring typical from Georgia

    191-7/8th Take the top ten typical bucks killed in Iowa and divide by 10 and 191-7/8th is the average.

    96% hunters(tag a book buck) prefer Compound bows

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