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  1. I'll be buying my first compound bow within the next two weeks, likely at the upcoming Deer & Turkey Spectacular at Lansing this coming weekend. While it won't be my only consideration, I'd like to buy a Michigan made product. I know Mathews and Bowtech are the most popular lines to buy nationally. But would it be fair to say that Michigan made Darton bows are just as good? Are there any other Michigan bow manufacturers? What about Michigan made arrows and accessories like sights and rests?

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  2. Darton bows(Hale, Mi) are absolutely a great product, also Quest bows(G5) are made in Michigan(Memphis I think) as well as the bows from Strother Archery(Sandusky) and although Elite is based in New York, their parts are machined here in Michigan by Grace Engineering(again in Memphis I believe). I would give all of these a very serious look if I were you. For me, right now Elite is the one to beat, they have the best warranty out there right now and their bows are top shelf for sure!! I am still waiting on my Strother, but am hearing lots of good about their bows as well.

    There is an extensive thread covering Michigan made stuff here somewhere I will try to find it and link it for you.

  3. Thank you very much. That's very helpful.
  4. Even used Elite's carry their lifetime warranty.
    Plus if you are on the hunt of a lifetime and you accidentally touch your broadhead to your string. You are taking your one-week of vacation to hunt with your friends and your buddy dry-fires your bow. If there isn’t a bow shop within driving distance, your hunt is over – but not if you’re shooting an Elite bow.
    No matter where you are or what happened to your bow, Elite will send a bow to you at no charge the very next day so that you can finish your
    hunt. This bow is on loan from Elite Archery and not intended to replace your damaged bow.


    Once you shoot one, along with their warranty....why would you buy anything else ? :confused: :lol:

  5. Dont worry about who is making the bow or where it came from. Go to the show and shoot as many bows as you can and decide from there. One big consideration is a decent shop to back the product. Look to see how many and where the shop is who you will be dealing with.

  6. I have never owned anything but darton, my last one i had for 15 years, when it started shootin funny i took it over to darton in hale when i got it back everything was new except the risor they only charged me $35 now thats service! I got another darton a couple years back its a darton storm love that one also. Good luck hope this helps let us know what you get.
  7. I was in to Hicks Tackle in Clio and seen the strothers archery owner was in there. Their bows are pretty slick and I think they are made in michigan, worth checking out IMO.

  8. Some great companies in Michigan:

    Posten Stabilizers
    Slingbraid slings
    Battledrum arrow wraps

    Nice to see others supporting Michigan!
  9. Claude Pollington has been involved in Archery for a very long time. His Pollington Red Dot Sight has been around for a long time. He was a parts vendor as well as an Oneida Labs Dealer for a long time involved in some of the design of parts when Oneida labs was located in New York. Back in 2000 Claude bought the Oneida Bow Company and he has since been refining the design of the Oneida Bows and it is now C.P. Oneida. He also has a release which is a gator jaw with a wrist strap or a grip style he also sells. He has been in the machine shop business for many years as well. CPO is located in Marion Michigan about 2 hours north up 127 to 10 to 115 to north 66. It is a great company to deal with Matt Claude's son is very helpful and will set up your bow right there when you buy one. They go the extra mile when it comes to customer service if you need anything.

    I have been support Oneida for a long time and now that they are here in Michigan it makes it even better putting money back into the state.

    I am a loyal Oneida Shooter have been since 1995.

    Very smooth drawing, they look different but they are great bows. They will let you try one just stop in they are open on Saturdays till 1pm I think but you can contact them to learn more if you are looking to try one.

  10. Quest Archery (get the new primal and you will be very happy) and deck it out with G5 Accessories and everything will be made right in Memphis, MI
  11. You could outfit an entire brigade with MI archery products. You've been given a pretty extensive list and you'd do well with any of the products listed. With that said, if you are intent on buying MI, you'd be best to try out everything available and find what fits you best. My personal favorites from the list would include the Darton Bow, G5 broadheads, Carbon Express arrows, Bohning quiver and fletchings, Sling braid wrist sling, Posten stabilizer. Shop around Brady and find what best suits you.

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