Michigan made crossbow

Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by Get_Outside, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Which if any brands of crossobows are produced in Michigan and how is the quality of them? I am thinking about purchasing a crossbow and would like to keep my dollars in this state.

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  2. Darton Archery is based in Hale Mi. The bow shop owner from Glennie, Mi told me that they machine their risers and limbs right there in Hale. He also told me that they make risers for Excaliber, BowTech and a couple others. I didn't specifically ask about where assembled however. I have a Darton Lightning and am very pleased so far.

  3. X-Force crossbows are produced in Michigan. They are from Eastman Outdoors which also part of Carbon Express. Their bows are actually made by Darton which is a great company.

  4. Excal risers are machined in house in Ontario.
  5. The aluminum extrusions for ten point are made in Ludington.
  6. they use to machine the vertical risers in Hastings........
  7. It's hard to keep the money in state or even in the USA, just watch all the trucks crossing Port Huron and Detroit and down by Laredo,TX. Good luck.
  8. Yes they are. The cast of Great Lakes Outdoor visited Excalibur in Ontario and made a TV show out of it and was on last week. They videoed all the machines and they showed a CNC mill that was busy cutting in out risers. That show was on the Public T.V. Channel. From what I saw Excalibur does all their own manufacturing and assembly.
  9. I am not so sure about Eastman crossbows made in Michigan. I work at a local gander mountain and on the packaging it says MADE IN CHINA as well as some of the paper work that comes with it. I believe they are a Carbon express company but I think they outsource the crossbows.

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