Michigan Made Archery Equiptment

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  1. Name one? With the exception of Darton and Ameristep, most products are mom and pop operations with all aspects of the manufacturing taking place right here in MI.

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  2. EZE-CREST Arrow Wraps, Hillsdale

    Battledrum Arrow Wraps, Adrain

    Both make great wraps :D

  3. Elite or Strother
  4. Monster, Quest, or Strother. Rex Darlington is more concerned about banking on patent infringments then making a quality bow.
  5. Holla! :lol:

  6. :D you know it
    good luck this season
  7. Battledrum wraps- Ive ordered several sets a custom designed wraps from them. Could'nt be happier.
    Twitzed Strings- Got a string and cable set made from Sean, good prices, answers e-mails and phone calls. Picked up my bow from his house, and he even paper tuned it for me.
  8. Monster bows: all michigan except the film dipping (Ill) and the Strings (stone mtn out of idaho)

    Earl Hoyts Sky Archery is now 100% manufactured in Michigan by Jim Belcher (also of Belcher bows).

    lots and lots of michigan co. to choose from.
  9. I have a the standard Wedge Loc and the Ghost, plus a set of the climbing sticks. This stuff will last me the rest of my life, it is the best hang on stand I have ever used. You can have then made to fit your height, which is important to me being a tall guy. Worth the money in my book.
  10. I have learned some major players in the bow manufacturing world are having their risers cast/forged overseas then bringing them back to the US and running them through a machine to clean them up and putting made in the usa on the box...very misleading if you ask me, and others are casting their risers here and and touching them up on a machine and then saying they are not cast...(at least they are still made in the USA) but still misleading
  11. Quest
  12. Darton Archery, great company been around for years and our the innovators of alot of technology other companies are using.
  13. Winn Releases
    Grayling Quiver
    is Carbon Impact still in MI?

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