Michigan Lynx Population?

Discussion in 'Michigan Non-Game Animals, Plants, and Scenery' started by Fishous, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. I saw a trail camera photo of a Lynx this weekend. (I'm trying to get a copy).

    Anyone know anything about the Lynx population in Michigan?

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  2. Supposedly they are extremely rare in Michigan.

  3. Bet it's a bobcat.

  4. There was one trapped and released in the UP over 5 years ago. Before that the last record of one was in the mid 80's. There are probably a few up in the hinterlands, but as was already said, they are very rare in MI. Bobcats are fairly common, but pretty secretive.
  5. Lynx and bobcat are cousins but lynx are generally much larger and lynx are protected in Michigan. I saw a lynx last season in Delta county, U.P. I wish I had a picture as proof but I know the difference. The cat I saw was much too large to be a bobcat and I have seen lots of bobcats.
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  6. I own property on the Jordan river in Antrim county, and have seen a lynx twice in the last ten years. The first one I seen at 30 yards and could tell by the size of the animal, and the tuff of fur off the ears. I was stalking a deer when i witnessed the first one. Very impressive. If you do see one you will immediately know it is not a Bobcat. Twice the size. I have never contacted the DNR, because i figure they alreadya re aware of the presence in the area.
  7. I saw one in northern Ontario crossing the road in front of me, I thought it was a fawn at first, long legs very cool to see.
  8. i just saw a ling about them on the trapping forum (i believe).
    check it out
  9. That was my friend Wayne that trapped him (if this is the same story). He called a CO in to help him release it. The lady CO walked up slowly and began to pet it. It was quite docile. They then released the foot and let it go.

    The story is still on the web somewhere.
  10. wild lynx are all very docile and huggable, give it a try next time you see one. let me know how that works out too.
  11. Hey, I'm only repeating what he said. He didnt want to believe the CO. But he found out by watching. They did NOT trank the lynx to remove it.
  12. I just had an awsome experince and saw a lynx, not a bob cat, in Tuscola county!!! It was about 40-60 pds, about 4 ft long, short tail, and Tanish in color... No mistake about what it was....I just can not believe they are in the thumb, pretty cool. I am glad it was not a cougar though, because I would get made fun of and all that jazzzz:D
  13. in the thumb?? gunna go with a bodcat on this one.
  14. With global warming lynx populations are going to be moving north not south. And not to the thumb area of Michigan ,unless he got there the same way the other mystery critter got there.


  15. It was somebody's pet turned loose


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