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Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by fishnfeathers, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. We were talking at work trying to remember when the lifetime hunting licenses were last sold in Michigan. I know someone here can help us! :D

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  2. I don't know when they were last sold. But I can tell you it was before my time. I turned 12 in 89 and I was not able to buy a lifetime license if that helps you guys out any. I wish they would offer them again though.

  3. I do think that is was issued in 1989. My buddy had to foresite to purchase both the hunting and the fishing one. He has calculated the cost of licenses over the years and just in the last couple of years he has made up the total cost for both so he is hunting and fishing for free. They were only on sale for one year I think before it was disbanded. I was surprised that he went that route as he was 43 years old at the time but it has payed off for him. He tried to pursuade me to go that route but I thought the cost was a lot at the time. It would have been a good choice for someone a lot younger as they would more than likley have more years ahead of them but it was pretty costly. I think that it was $1000 for each.

  4. Don't remember exactly when but I was fresh out of highschool 1979 with very little money but I did get one.

    It paid for itself already.

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  5. I can't remeber the year, but I think it cost $200 or so. I spend 1/2 that every year! :sad:
  6. Interesting, first I ever heard of this. If you bought a hunting license for $1000 did that include all game species? Bear, Deer Turkey and so forth or was it species specific?

    Are there any restrictions on them?
  7. I think it was 82', but not sure. A few of the prices that I remember were...
    Lifetime Rifle Deer $220, Bow $220, Fishing $220, Lifetime Sportsman $1000.
    I bought the Sportsman, then a year later they sent me an offer of...a lifetime State Duck Stamp, Lifetime Bear License (avail. yearly at that time) and a lifetime trapping license(no Furbearers license at the time), all for an additional $25.
    The only things that I have to purchase now are a...Federal Duck Stamp and any drawing permit fees.
    With the addition of the added purchase, I figured that even if the license fees never increased, by the time I reached 40 to 42 years of age, anything after that would be free.
    $1025 was a lot of money for a 22 year old at the time, but has since turned out to be a worth while investment.
  8. Critter is just about right on. I paid the $1025.00 myself.

    Have not regretted it. Now with all the price talks and people not hunting, critter and I will have a lot more places to hunt, :D !

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  9. boehr

    boehr Banned

    I was definitely 1989. I just looked at my certificate and it was dated April 1989.
  10. Now thats a sweet deal!
  11. Pardon while I reflect..
    Back in 82 I was in eigth grade . At that stage in my life I was looking for anything that was fun. Unfortunatly, my number one thing for fun was getting-high. Fortunatly, my second fun time activity was fishing.(at times they went hand-in-hand):yikes: My father was never much of an outdoorsman,but he always encouraged my passion for it.
    About the time the DNR offered the lifetime license I was ready for a change in my ways. I decided at that time I would work my butt off to get clean,& get a lifetime fishing license.
    I cut grass in the summer, raked leaves in the fall, and shoveled snow come winter., all to purchase my own sense of freedom..
    Well I'll be Damned ! It's kinda come full circle now. Now I am a proud father of two, and my kids know that nothing comes easy.
    Sure the day I got that envelope at the ripe-angling age of 15 or-so ,I was ecstatic.. but it is the hard lessons that I learned.
    So as mentors to our children, I hope we can all encourage our kids to get out there,off the street,away from the tv,and off the couch. Grab a rod ,gun,trap,sleeping bag,axe,fly kit, or whatever it is that they show the slightest iota of interest in, and support these desires and teach them well.
    I guess after all this self-indulgent:dizzy: rambling, my point is --Why not bring the Life-Lic. back ?? Wouldn't this program help the DNR's deficit? I would cut many lawns right now to by my son one as a graduation present(in seven yrs.:evilsmile )
    WHAT WOULD YOU PAY ????? thanx, Mark
  12. Heck, I'd pay upwards of $50 for a lifetime fishing license! Ooopps, that's what we'll probably pay annually! ;) $200-$250 would be a good price even kids could afford.
  13. I know my girlfriend has a lifetime small game license...She's only 21...so they had to of offered that one into the late 90's at least.
  14. Based in the interest rates back in the 80s, if you had just put the 1,000 in a CD for a year you would have at least 70 or 80 dollars, maybe more depending on the year. After taxes you would still have enough to buy the same tags back then and still have the 1,000 dollars. In fact, if you had just put the money in a CD for the last 20 years you would probably have at least 3,000 to 4,000 dollars. The only way you will break even is if the license fees are raised significantly. Otherwise, you probably lost money.

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