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  1. I don't kknow about all of you but I was quit disappointed in there last issue for september. i was xpecting it ot be jammed ful of information about salmon. NOw, dont get me wrong, i love hunting, but can't there be a little of slamon fishing in there also. What are you opinion's of this magazine? Im in the preocess of deciding if I should stay with the magazine or move to another magazine!:confused:

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  2. just about all fishing and hunting magazines are ALL hunting in the fall. Deer season is still over a month away.

  3. I let my subscription run out about a year or so ago, because there just wasn't enough meat there anymore. It seems like the quality went down (of the SE Mich reports, anyways) when Mike Zielinski quit writing. I still chuckle of the reports on hot steelhead fishing in the Huron River at Ann Arbor. It must have been those invisible fish ladders at the Belleville Dam (and Ford, and Superior, and Geddes).
  4. i, also, let my subscription lapse recently. They just seemed to fall into the same problem so many do..the quality starts well and erodes over time..just not enough good information any longer
  5. I too quit this magazine. All the information that was there was coming from bait shops, not first hand information. None of their writers seemed to stay more than a few months. In my opinion it's worthless. Larry
  6. The Michigan Fishing and Hunting Mag. is just one part of many others with like names like, Ohio Fishing and Hunting and many other States. The major part of the Articles if not all of them are submitted 6 months in advance min. So yes it is old hat as far as hot spots except on standard spots that always produce. I haven't bought one in years and I think that had a liitle to do with the amount of time between the submission of the article to the actual date it will be on the shelfes. Anyway I could care less one way or the other.
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    I also let my subscription lapse. Seemed to me that over the past few months more Ohio and Wisconsin info was being added and they were starting to repeat some Michigan info. Too bad, it was chock full of info in earlier editions. I did save most of the lake maps and have them in a three - hole binder. Have found them to be helpful with good info on launches, bait and accomodations.
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    Isn't that the magazine that shows maps of rivers and explains where and how to fish it?
    If it is then it is a piece of #$%^. selling out rivers! That's all they do....
  9. Try "Salmon Trout Steelheader" by Frank Amato Publications if you want a ton of information about Salmon and Steelhead fishing. Usually Jim Bedford or some other famous Michigan fisherman writes an article for every issue. It is probably my favorite fishing magazine. Too bad it only comes out bi-monthly.

    Good Fishing,

  10. My wife keeps dragging me to Meijer and other stores as her 'quality time'. I therefore spend too much time at the magazine rack. All the hunt/fish magazines are much the same with only 1-3 potential interesting articles and the articles are only 2-4 pages long. Therefore, when I'm just scouting the magazines to see if they're worth looking at, by speed-reading I find that I've got the magazines all read with only two trips to the store that month. No need for subscriptions.

    I do collect my 'Quality Whitetails' magazines with my QDM membership. The Deer & Deer Hunting magazine often has good articles I need to copy for my wildlife management files as well as the Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine. I pass specific articles on to my co-land management partners.

    My major complaint of the hunt/fish magazines is they are much the same shoot/catch with a brag picture. I prefer the more technical biological science and habitat improvement articles that I can use.
  11. It's all about money. Hunting brings in more money to the magazines and shops than salmon. Look at all the gear tailored to hunting and all the shops selling hunting gear. Compare that to salmon and even trout fishing. The number of stores with hunting merchandise far out numbers those carrying fishing items. Especially when it comes to trout and salmon.

    Also you can buy the materials to build your own rod and flies. How many people make guns and tree stands.
  12. I cancelled my subscribtion case a few months ago they combined Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin...I kinda enjoyed it when it was just Michigan....but if I wanna know about the other states I would just subscribe to their Magazines!!!! Now they are for sure losing bussiness over it but yes they were giving too much info on certain areas...Them magazines, it's like if you ever see your public hunting or fishing area in there, be forewarned. It will be packed come the season, and one of them had my hunting area in it last month:mad:
  13. You only need a one years subscription.

    Just keep all of them and next year re-read them, as all the articles are the same year after year.
  14. Billya, you hit it right on the head.
    It's the same every year. Too much repetition. Real boring. It took me a very long time to realize it.
    I do miss the old Great Lakes Fisherman. I think they went belly up. Fishing Facts was another great one.

    Now we have this site.

    Billya, BTW, how did you do at Hodenpyle? Sorry I didn't make it.
    Some of my wife's relatives got into a little squabble and we didn't want to be part of it.
  15. If you're looking for local info, what other rag besides "Michigan Hunting and Fishing" is there? That one called "Great Lakes Angler"? I subscribed to that for awhile and that was pretty much a waste.:( Those big rags like Outdoor Life are pretty boring. What other local type magazines are out there? To me there isn't really a whole bunch of choices out there.

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