metal roofs from the amish

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  1. I heard that ther were some amish families that make and install the metal roofs in Gladwin area.
    I have a place in prudenville on m-18 n of gladwin that I would like to reroof.
    does anyone know how to contact these people ?

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  2. That may be kind of tough. Something tells me they don't have a web site or email address. :lol:

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    I deal with an Amish woodshop (Yoders) in Gladwin. If you'd like I can contact them for you the next time I go up there.

    I dont know of any that "make" any metal roofs, but they install a lot of them in my neighborhood.
  4. I helped put up two buildings a couple years ago where the guys had got the steel from the amish, really cheap. I redid one of my buildings last year and sure didnt get the steel from the amish. You need to what your buying!

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  6. There is a place out of Rosebush called Luthy Metal Sales if thats not too far away. They are Mennonites, not Amish, but they were more expensive than Home Depot was so we got our steel from there. But you probably could get the Amish to put the steel on your barn for a decent price and they would get it done in less than a day. they work incredibly fast and do good work, and there are amish all over the clare and gladwin area so it wouldn't be hard to find them.
  7. There are two in Gladwin that I know of, the only way to do business with them is to stop in, as they do not have phones, internet, or do business on Sunday.
    One is located in Sage township on Oberlin Road south of M-18 less than a mile.
    The second is on McNamara Road between Parker Road and Knoll Road in Beaverton Township.

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