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  1. This may have been discussed before but I cannot seem to find it. I have a 7.0 and having trouble with my rest. I have a Quick tune 1000 right now and cannot seem to get fletching clearance with my blazers. they keep hitting my cable and/or rest. I went with this rest to try and use the KISS method and keep it simple. now I am ready to throw this rest in the garbage. What rests do other REEZEN shooters recommend. Or are there any options or tricks. and BTW my center shot is set correctly.

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  2. hey- i have multiple mathews, and do all my own work. u say you have correct centershot- how did you get that?
    - I am sure I can help, but need more info- tuning numbers (axle-2-axle, brace height, poundage, idler-lean, and cam timing) (axle-2- axle measured on shelf side, brace height = center of berger hole to front of string)
    Mathews bows are top notch, but are getting like a sports car. high energy= high attention to detail
    there is a certain way they need set up, as a starting point, then bow to bow minute changes.
    Separately, there are better choices of rests imho, but we can work with the quiktune. ( there are worse choices as well, it's a good proven rest, but not cutting edge)

  3. OK looks like we have a mathews guru... I have a mathews Zmax. I had it tuned several years ago at Red Oaks archery. When I had it tuned the guy "Doug not sure if he is still there" Put Lobe into the string? So Last year I had the bowed re-tuned. They had no idea what I was talking about but now it shoots and feels totally different? I love my Zmax and have killed a lot of deer with it and have no reason to buy a new bow...I am just wondering why it feels like a completely different bow?
  4. waterwolf-
    I assume he meant "lube" into the string? There are several methods of lubing a string, I recommend a simple rub in with a quality wax 2-3 x a year. The tune job.... it is hard to say, without seeing the bow, but a theory is that it was out of tune prior, now tuned, or was tuned, and now out?
    But, is it shooting worse than before? or better?
    There are several different adjustments that "tune" a bow.
    IBO Rating 320 fps Also, make sure your limbs are at the same adjustment. Tighten them both all the way in, then make sure they are backed out the same amount, within an 1/8 turn. Closer the better. before you check the specs...

    Z Max 35"- axle 2 axle; 6 1/4"-brace ht; 91 3/8"- string length; 38"- cable length 1997 - 2001
    There are two small holes in the cam, that a small nail or drill bit will fit into, then a straight edge is placed onto nails, the straight edge should be very close to parallel to the bow string. No more than 1/4'' off.
    All measurements are taken with bow limbs at max poundage, NOT all the way tightened, as this is usually 2-3 lbs over max., and from the shelf (arrow) side of the riser. Brace height is from center of berger hole (the hole that your rest mounts to) to the front of the string. Just bump a tape on string and measure to center of hole. axle to axle is center of top idler axle to center of cam axle. all measure should be within 1/8'' max. closer the better. I shoot for exact, to 1/16'', but all bows are unique.
    Hope that helps a bit.
  5. I set the center shot at 13/16" from center of arrow to berger hole. I just purchased a mathews downforce today because i found a good deal on it. so hopefully this will work much better. any tips would be great.
  6. Follow the downforce instructions precisely. It is a VERY finicky rest (bear in mind, it was designed mainly for the super high-speed monsters/reezen, as no fall-away rest was fast enough at the time), and it almost ALWAYS has a love it/hate it following. I hate them. I know some excellent shooters who love them (but they are mostly indoor guys). But don't stick with it thinking it will get better, or wear in-it won't. I recommend the QADs or a Biscuit (which is funny, as I HATED biscuits), but after setting up my sons bow, and hearing all the reasons I was telling him he needed a biscuit (and not one like dads) I decided to try it. Now my main shooter (Z7) has a biscuit full time. I still run QADs on my other bows. But that damn biscuit.... made a believer out of me. I love the Keep It Simple Stupid theory for my hunt bow. No extra strings, springs, rest arms, arrow retainers- and you can shoot all sorts of weird tree stand angles. Speed reduction is 3-5 fps MAX, personally chrono'd the speeds- stunningly accurate, strong, and oh yea...CHEAP!
  7. Thats funny you say that because I had one on my old hoyt and loved it. But I shot so much it warped my veins. I hope I like the downforce but I got for a good price so if I dont ill sell it. How can I make sure the bow is in tune without all the fancy presses and tools?
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  9. Thanks Nooner. BTW I got my downforce on and paper tuned today. Seems to be working and I like it so far.

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