Mason Multistrand 1000 ft 125 Lb. Test .027 in diameter

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  1. Mason Multistrand 1000 ft 125 Lb. Test .027 in diameter.. Will this work for downrigger cable to reduce blow back? Currently I am using the factory 150lb cannon cable on my Mag 10HS riggers.

    If not any idea where I can get a thinner diameter wire? I am not interested in switching to power pro or dacron.
  2. I have gone down to 125 lbs 7 strand wire for my riggers, and have had no problems. I run 7 lbs, 12 lbs, and 15 lbs cannonballs.

    You might want to check out McMaster Carr, search for "Wire Rope", then select 1x7 strand. It used to be the cheapest, but there prices may have changed... They have all sorts of different lb test. I believe guys use Type 302 stainless if my memory is correct.

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  3. Any idea how much 125lb will fit on a Cannon Mag10HS? Think 1000 feet would work?
  4. Its not a matter of how much will fit on it, (they'd probably hold a mile of cable if you wanted them to)
    Its how deep do you want to fish. I'd get 1000ft and put 300 on the corners and 400 down the shute.
  5. The Mason wire should work fine.

    One factor with spooling on a ton (1000') of DR line is that the motor will have to work harder to crank up a cannon ball - so a 10# ball may be as hard on the motor as pulling up a 15# ball type of thing.

    As the diameter of the spool increases, the motor loses mechanical advantage and the motor has to apply more effort to do the work. It's the same thing with boat trailer winches; I've always wondered why the 'standard' trailer cable is usually a 50' length. I can't ever imagine paying out that much line to put a boat on a trailer.

    And relative to putting a lot of cable onto the DR spool, you may also have a difficult time keeping the wire from digging into itself if you aren't super perfect putting it on and stacking the wire on top of previous layers...

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