Marble's Knives going out of business

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by Bonz 54, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. I was at the Hunting Time Expo on Sunday. While I was there I stopped to look at the Marble's Knife display. I was talking to the man behind the counter, he told us that Marble's was closing its doors. He believed the company would be bought by a chinese company and moved there. I wasn't looking for a knife and I do make my own, but I bought one anyway. That way I do have a real made-in-Michigam Marble's knife. Sad to hear though. FRANK

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  2. They haven't been made in Michigan for a while. The ones that were made in Michigan were actually stamped "Gladstone Michigan" or something to that affect on the blade.

  3. Yup. Marbles has been in a downslide for a while.
  4. My wife bought me a Marbles back in 03 or 04, I had always wanted one.....thing can't keep an edge! Good thing I had my $15 Bushmaster in my bag at the time I was field dressing my deer....

    Bought my brother a Rapid River knife a few years ago and it's twice the knife my Marbles is for alot less $.
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  5. bummer, heard good things about Marbles knives, maybe they just had good advertising? was seriously thinking about replacing my Gerber gator 18+/- years old and only re-shaprened 3-4 times....20+ deer, countless ducks and geese, and 4 caribou....the gerber rubber handle has lost its grip somewhat.....I guess i will stick to something that has worked for me
  6. When I purchase knives I tend to get a Rapid River knife. Made right in the UP...I always stop at the showroom when I'm up that way and usually end up with a new knife at the time.

    It's my understanding that Marbles knives haven't been made in MI for a handful of years now.
  7. I have quite a few older marbles made in gladstone, very nice knife. Then I have quite a few Bark River knives, and that is my favorite. Never checked out Rapid River knives but all I've heard is good. I know Bark River is an ex Marbles maker and I believe Rapid River is too, not positive. So basically thanks too Marbles. I also only sharpen my Knives with a leather strap, hard to beat a razor blade.
  8. ya, Rapid River came about when marbles split. My dad bought me a genuine marbles when i graduated high school. Awesome knives. Thats too bad to hear.
  9. I've been using Bark River knives for awhile now. Hand made right in Escanaba. The owner, Mike Stewart, designed and made knives at Marbles before the company sold out. They have a great warranty and the custom service is top notch. Take your knife, accidentally drop it on the concrete and damage the handle, covered. Accidently stab the knife through the sheath while putting it away, covered. Need it resharpened at any point, covered. The have their own section over at with well over 300,000 replies in their section alone. Plenty of good knives for sale in their section too. Anyhow, I have no affiliation with the company, just enjoy a good knife and I have found them here. A good place to buy them is at which has some nice models on clearance right now (Manitou and Custom Semi-Skinner to name a few). I have checked out Rapids River knives on the past. Decent looking, but the selection os styles seems limited. Bark River has more styles than you could imagine. Plus once you have a good convexed edge knife, it is hard to go back. Easy to sharpen and built to last. Good luck.
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    few weeks ago i went to the gunshow in novi.i was looking for a skinning knife.i really liked a couple of the marbles knifes.until i saw china on the blade.
  11. To bad about marbles.I have a Wolverine/rapid river knife also. I am very happy with it many deer field dressed with it. bought my son and daughter each one so they would have a USA/Michigan made knife hopefully to last a life time from the old man:)
  12. After all the comments yesterday I went home and got the knife out of the Gun Vault. It does say it was made in Gladstone on the box and it does not say Made In China anywhere on the knife. I called Merv, the distributor, and asked him. He said the knife I bought was old stock, approximately 3 years old, and was made in Gladstone. FRANK
  13. Glad to hear that Frank, Its a very nice knife and Im sure you'll like it very much. I don't know that much about them but our's (really my dads collection of them) are all 10 yrs old and older. They say Gladstone Mi right on the blade, well atleast the one I have here. We also wipe mineral oil on the blade so they dont rust and slide back in the paper sheath for storage. Also stain easy so if ya use it clean soon as your done.
  14. I guess I should have got one while the gettin was good.:(
  15. Getting is still good. Just get a Rapid River or a Bark River.

    Smaller companies (couple guys) and better craftsmanship IMHO.

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