Man charged with poaching dozens of deer

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Spartans8989, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. No harm, no foul. I'm sure it happens all the time when guys are out turkey hunting in the spring.

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  2. i honestly dont think that it should be a problem keeping antlers you find like that but i understand where the nightmare in controlling that arises too

  3. I know what you're saying.....

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  4. this isnt a case of shed antlers or found dead deer. Also its not a case of crop damage permits. This is a case of an individual who shot an incredible amount of deer and turkeys using illegal methods. He will probably end up getting a slap on the wrist from the court system since he only had to pay $100 to get out of jail on over 100 counts of poaching.
  5. See,, this is what I'm getting at... At what point or date do antlers become "legal" to pick up and keep without tagging them? February 1st, because you'd assume they were sheds? How do you prove you didn't take them illegally, if an LEO searched your home?

    Although we need more details with this particular case,, but it appears as if "technically",,,, it's never legal.

    Look at the examples that L & O provided,, all perfectly plausible explanations for having all those antlers. Most likely not,, in this case, but still.
  6. makes ya stop and think that we really are walking on egg shells when dealing with antlers!
  7. Yup!
  8. I think it's safe to say that most hunters should be able to tell the difference between a shed antler-one that was cast naturally, and a set of antlers cut off a dead deer.

    (10) A person may possess antlers that have been shed by a deer, elk, or moose. “Shed” means to cast
    off as part of a natural process.

    I'll be getting in touch with Chad. These are not new rules.

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  9. i posted the link to the show its maybe 10 min in listen to it see if maybe i heard it wrong wasn't trying to start anything or get him in trouble
  10. Nobody will be getting in any trouble. It just happens sometimes. Done it myself on radio here and had to make corrections the next broadcast.

    At about 22 minutes he mentions picking up antlers from a dead deer as being a whole different beast, then says its the same. In order to possess a set of antlers from a deer that died if "unknown" causes (or EHD), one would have to get a permit, same as the guy did with that huge set of horns in an earlier post.

    It would behoove a person to contact someone regarding a permit before they go out and cut them off if indeed they find a set worth keeping. That being said, I think most people are just going to cut them off and keep them.

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  11. Absolutely, and I'm board with ya 100%. But what Waz and I are getting at, just to play devil's advocate is,,, you don't really have anyway of proving where you got any set of antlers you possess, unless you have a tag or DNR permit.

    Say for instance I cut the antlers off a deer I didn't shoot and get caught,, and for some reason the LEO's get a bug up their butt and decide to search my house for other violations??? I have sets of antlers all over my house, garage, some mounts,,, how on earth would I be able to prove those weren't taken illegally?

    Now,, I realize I'm going out on a limb here with this hypothetical scenario, but it's entirely possible. And I'm not asking for a "cut and dry" answer to the questions, because I realize all situations are different,,, I'm "just sayin' " . :)
  12. especially when the law states that you dont have to have the tag with the antlers after the deer is butchered...
  13. Well lets just say "Don't drop your soap in the shower".:lol:
  14. What ever happened with this guys court case?

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