Make your own ice fishing sled?

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  1. Looking for ideas on making an ice fishing sled to carry gear. What features are good to have? I have seen one that has metal flashing incorporated so that a hibachi grill can be fired up on the ice. What materials are good? I want to make it highly functional yet small and light. I am thinking masonite or luann (mahogany) for the sides, with 1x2 for the frame. The runners could be 1x3, shaved to a curve at the front. I am thinking of tacking strips of sheet metal about 2" wide to the bottom of the wood runners, to serve as a ski feature for better sliding/planing on soft snow.

    I also want a real clever hand warming feature, like an insulated box to keep my Coleman lantern in.

    p.s. This will be pulled by hand, not towed behind a "sled" (snowmobile).
  2. For runners use some old alpine skis cut down to the size you need. The "goodwill" stores are full of them and they are cheap. When you mount them make sure to make 'ski legs' for them so you will have some clearance under your sled when it is packed and heavy and your in deep snow. Good luck!

    Rich M

  3. Check out my msg under home-made shanty, could be what you're looking for....gottafish...

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