Magee Marsh airboat fishing report

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  1. Fished today with fishindude644, roc65 and Homie- who broke his ice fishing cherry today with several walleye- at Magee Marsh area of Crane Creek State Park near Oregon, Ohio. This was the site of yesterday's publicized ice rescue. Arrived at 7 this a.m.. News crew was still there. Launched airboat at light. Got over open water fine - though the repeated launches from water onto ice caused a hairline crack in the weld of my fuel tank. Found our lucky spot - well Jason from No Limit charter's spot- from Friday. Holes weren't there because the ice had moved slightly so we drilled new holes and it was on. 19 eyes and a few jumbos for a half day. Will post link to youtube with video of airboat crossing the open water near stranded quads, shanties, etc. that the rescued fisherman left on the ice.

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  2. Good going! Now thats cool! Bet that was a blast going past all the stuff those guys had to give up to get off. Get any goodys?:lol: Just claim salvage rights!:evilsmile Those are some nice fish, sounds like a blast.

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  3. Had a great time out there yesterday. We were the only ones fishing in tha area. I bet the guy with the airboat running the machines back to shore made a nice chunk of change.
  4. After everything from the weekend....that statement made me chuckle out loud. I saw you guys out there yesterday...some nimrod on shore walked up to my truck and said...

    "I heard those guys refused to be rescued and have been out there since yesterday!!!!!!"

    I just looked at him and said...

    "yeah, but I heard since that crack opened up, they've been able to run their dipseys on 3 back about 45' and are killin' 'em with Silver Streak Jr's in Ladybug and Mi-Hi..."

    Nice goin' boys....
  5. Nice job on the fish!! What do these guys charge you for a trip???!

  6. $200 per head
  7. now that is what I call a fishing report.
    Chris that is a very fine looking airboat.

    I will be in touch before the end of the week to get you updated on the bite here on the sag bay.
    my buddies all limited out again today, but they really had to work at it.
  8. Sounds good. I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Chris, Ted, Rock, Just wanted to say thanks for the trip. I would have paid $200 just for the boat ride. The guide service is outstanding, thanks for all the tips. I will be going again soon.
  10. That airboat is SWEET!!!!! Is that a V8 mounted on the back? What size engine? Do you have like metal pipe conduit mounted on the bottom of the boat to slide accross the ice?

    Too cool!
  11. Thanks. Engine is an aircraft Lycoming 0540 in line 6cyl 240 hp at prop- no gear reduction. Bottom of boat is 3/8" uhmw polymer screwed to a 1/4" thick aluminum, flat-bottom hull.
  12. Awesome. How did you go about making something/designing something like this? Did you have plans? How did you come up with boat size/hull type, and construct the frame, etc. to mount the engine?

    I'm an engineer by trade, and a "monster garager" by night. I love to do all types of fabrication and welding and when I looked at that thing, the first thing I thought was "how can I build one"?

    Was there some reasoning you went with the I-6 engine? Were other engines considered, or was this the lightest per horsepower? Nice that you chose a I6, as they are inherently balanced, and would provide the least "shaking forces", which may be important with a aluminum hull (aluminum has much less fatigue life than steel).

    What about the boat/hull type - did you choose lightest and strongest?

    Sorry for all the questions, I just think its very neat.
  13. I would have made them pay me up front to retrieve their stuff. Oh you want your stuff? How much is it worth to you?:evilsmile
  14. Fishin' Wizard

    Chris, very cool boat. I grew up in the swamps down south and know what fun (and safe) an air boat can be. Homie told me all about it on the way home just now so I had to come look right away. Maybe we can fish together some time soon. I'll bring a stringer so you can net my fish like you did on the Betsie last fall!:)

    Bet you have tried to forget that right? LOL

    Good catch fellas!

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