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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by spawn digger, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Does anyone in here hunt in Luther. We have had a cabin in Luther for the past 15 years and all we ever see is small bucks. Last Year we had an 8 and 10 point on camera and I got the 10 and it was the biggest buck I ever seen in Luther let alone kill. I am going to wait out a few more big ones but want to get some feedback on your thoughts around Luther.

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  2. Luther has a lot of deer and some really nice bucks too but the agriculture is not present there like in the southern counties where the big boys usually roam. There is also a poaching problem I would imagine as there is in Newaygo county near where I hunt. Also a lot of coyotes up there4 I shot one as I was still hunting a few years back up there. If you have enough property, talk to some of these QDM guys on here about some food plots because there sure are a lot of deer up there. Good luck in getting another 10 point this fall! :)


  3. Congrats on the 10 point. With many people decideing to pass small bucks on public land these day's (myself included), you just may have been the benifitor from someone doing this in your area. You never know. Again, congrats on the 10 point! :cool:
  4. Really, the Baldwin/Luther/northern Newaygo area has a lot going for it, potentially. For years, there was far too many deer. And that was mostly doe's and lots of small bucks. But those numbers have been brought down and more balanced. The forest needs a lot of cutting for more cover and food sources and food plots always help for year round nutrition. As more and more hunters pass on younger bucks, you'll start seeing more decent bucks around. There's nothing wrong with the genetics of our deer, as is the case in most area's with "small bucks", but for decades our buck to doe ratio was very poor, the buck age class hierarchy was utterly screwed up for such a social animal, the herd was over-populated and the habitat couldn't support the 50-70 deer per sq. mile and it showed in our poor antler quality. Add the fact that roughly half the area is public land and the other half is smaller private units of 5-40 acres and it's easy to understand how we got to where we were. But I do see things improving. More guys are putting in food plots, timbering their land, improving their land, shooting more doe's and passing on small bucks. If that recipe is followed, then nicer bucks will follow in 4-6 years. I'm optimistic about our future around here.
  5. Oh yeah, congrats on your buck! :)
  6. Bob, I agree 100% on the need for more forest cutting, espeically in those pine plantations. They are of the age now where they are practically wildlife deserts. The few areas that they have cut are growing back awesome. Too bad the tree huggers have a stranglehold on good forestry practices.

  7. I have hunted just south of Luther for the last 10 years. We have seen an increase on bigger bucks (8 pnts and higher) in the last 3 years. We try and harvess all the does we can over the last 6-7 years. It seems to be working for us. We took a 6 point last year and 5 more doe. The agriculture is just not there though. If you are hunting on private land I would suggest some food plots. It gives those bucks a better supliment to grow bigger racks and will actract does for you to harvess.

    Good luck in the up coming season.
  8. We looked at a cabin to purchase about 2 years ago that was located right in Luther. The owners at that time had some good stories and a lot of nice pictures and mounts of some bruisers (as I would categorize them in that area). Couple nice big 10's and 8's and if I remember correctly, there was a 11 or 12 pointer they had there on the wall. The cabin didn't meet my mother's requirements though for her "get-away place". It would have been a Ritz Carleton for what we were wanting as a "hunting cabin". Anyway, we purchased one up near Grayling / Kalkaska area and couldn't be happier.

    We have a good amount of deer, a decent buck-2-doe ratio, trail camera pictures of three 8-10 pointers and one 11 (that was taken last season though), more black bear than we could have ever imagined, and all kinds of other small wildlife. Best part is, we are still in a decent snowbelt for winter snowmobiling. Anyway, we weren't so excited about our place when we first got it and always made the comments that we wished we had purchased the place in Luther. Now, we are very very happy with our place!!! :D
  9. Our bow hunting camp is in Leroy which is neighboring Luthor and we hunt on 500acres of private land. I have been bow hunting there for 10 years and we have shot a few nice bucks but not many. The last few years we have only seen lot of scrubs and the quality of deer seems to be declining every year. We had 4 bow hunters on 500acres last year and we had a combined total of 22 (only a couple repeats) spikes that walked within range in a 6 day period. Can't explain it as we do not shoot the little ones but the big ones don't come around to often if they are there.
  10. Spawn Digger...

    What SPH says I'm sure is 100% accurate. However, I wouldn't let it bother you so much as to not hunt there because unless you get a real lucky spot, what SPH says seems to be the story of most of the state. Heck, even in Monroe County, we are seeing an extremely large reduction in the amount of deer we are seeing. We used to hunt 1200 acres of private ground in Curran, MI (heart of TB). However, this was well before TB was ever brought up and in the 8 years that I hunted there, it was a huge change from year 1 to year 8 and it was exactly the change that SPH describes. Fewer deer in total and nearly no bucks bigger that 4 points to be found. The change was almost unbelievable.
  11. I hunted for several years just west of Pine River High School which is east of Luther. The largest buck we ever took or saw was a nice 8 pointer with a 16" inside spread. This was in an area of some agriculture (mainly hay).

    Unfortunately, that area is known to be populated by members of the poaching culture. This would have a detrimental effect on growing trophy deer. Much of the illegal shooting was done at night.

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