Lund 20ft 1997 Crack in Hull

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by det07, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Could this crack in the hull be fixed/welded if there was no structural damage. In the description it says that it was caused by bouncing on a roller trailer. Anyone inspect boats or had this happen to them. Thanks Matt


    hope the pic works...

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  2. if it could be fixed approx how much would it cost. Seems like it would be easy but I dont know.

  3. I would send that picture to Lund and ask them, they have pretty good customer service and repair. They can be found at .
  4. yeah, try that, they should have a pretty good hull warrenty, there's no reason for something like that.
  5. my boat had a crack in the hull the year before i bought it. it was fixed by removing the floor and having a plate welded in. it has been 4 years and it doesnt leak at all.there is a small burn mark in the paint. thats it.
    the boat you are looking at sounds like a surface crack. the state of aluminum welding is very advanced these days. its fairly easy to do and the results are perminint if you have the right people do it.there are 2 shops on m-59 in oakland and macomb county that do these types of repairs all the time. mine was done for under $400 ,but the floor removal and re-riveting was done by the lund but the factory would want a huge sum of money unless its covered by a factory warranty, which it might. mine wasn't covered because the manufacturer had been sold and they wanted 4 grand for the repair.if the price is right ,go for it.
  6. I had 3 similar cracks in a boat I purchased. After grinding out all the silicon one of them opened up to just under an inch. I used a Miller mig and it has held for over a year and a half. Im sure a pro could fix it in no time. Mine appeared to be caused from poor trailer bunk fit.
  7. Don't Lunds come with a lifetime hull warranty?
  8. Warranty Information

    Lund's Lifetime Limited Warranty gives you the best overall coverage ever available. From bow to stern, gunwale to gunwale, and from the bottom of the hull to the top of the windshield, your new Lund is backed with a transferable warranty - and Lund's promise that we'll make sure any claims are handled with speed, ease, and our full support.

    It's because Lund boats are built so well that we can afford to give you this superior warranty. We don't think you'll need it, we have that much confidence in our boats. But if you do need warranty support, you can be sure you'll have the very best in the industry.

    Warranties include...

    Lifetime Warranty on double-riveted seams.
    Lifetime Warranty on all plywood panels, related materials and labor.
    Three year Bow-to-Stern parts and labor coverage with applicable exclusions - ask your dealer for details.
    Some exclusions apply - please see your Lund dealer for details.
    Please contact Lund Boat Company or your local Lund dealer for a copy of the complete 2006 Lund warranty.
  9. I read on another page that Lund's warranty was only good for the original owner in the past years. I believe they changed the warranty this year so it could be transferible from the original owner to the new owner. Apparently, in the past, once the boat was sold from the person who purchased it new, the warrently was voided. Anyone know if this is true? I cannot without a doubt confirm this, but it does make sense. Therefore, the boat in question would not be covered under warranty. Just an FYI, the boat in question is being sold as is on Ebay. I believe I saw it yesterday as I was browsing the boat adds.
  10. I just bought a new Lund this year for duck hunting and to my knowledge its still a lifetime warrenty to the original boat owner only, don't quote me on this, this is what the dealer told me.
  11. boat was taken off ebay, if it could have been fixed I think they would have lost a lot of money on it. (probably why it was taken off)
  12. I believe the warranty coverage is pro-rated, per year.

    Year 1: 100%
    Year 2: 90%
    Year 2: 80%

    Something like that.
  13. Lund has a lifetime hull warrantee that is transferable, this is new for 2006.

    Previous years, they had a ten year pro rated warrantee that was not transferable.

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