Looks like the Stinky Cigg smokers are being further penalized

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    LANSING - Sparrow Health System will not hire anyone who tests positive for tobacco or nicotine products.
    The new policy goes into effect May 1, Sparrow said today. It does not apply to current employees.
    Sparrow is one of the region's largest employers with about 7,500 full-time, part-time and per-diem employees.
    "Sparrow is implementing this new policy in order to further our goal of being a role model for health improvement in Michigan," President and CEO Dennis Swan said in a statement. "We believe it is vital to promote a safe, clean, healthy and healing environment for our Patients and Associates."
    Applicants who test positive for nicotine will be allowed to reapply for a job 90 days later.
    The hiring policy covers all Sparrow affiliates, including Sparrow Hospital, Sparrow Clinton Hospital, Sparrow Ionia Hospital, Sparrow Specialty Hospital, Sparrow Medical Supply, Sparrow Medical Group, the Michigan Athletic Club and Physicians Health Plan of Mid-Michigan. It also applies to physicians and medical residents.

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  2. So, you can't have nicotine in your system but dope is ok? Why, I thought nicotine was legal.

  3. Manthus

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    I think they're just cutting back on future health care costs. They will probably go after the drinkers next.
  4. So, it is ok to discriminate? Are they drug testing also?
  5. Who said dope in your system was ok?
  6. Interesting that it doesn't apply to "current" employees...
    What's next?
    BMI, Sugar Intake Index, Genetics?????
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  7. It actually doesnt meet the requirements for discrimination, as for there drug testing, yes they have, do and will, do they have to NO
  8. earl

    Wow, I guess I find that an odd choice for a hospital (less so for an HMO). I remember when that old closet fascist Howard Weirs did the same thing with his TPA firm Weyco over in Okemos I thought it was fine and his choice (as owner). As fat has become the new smoking, should be interesting in terms of next steps.

    As a hospital though, I think it sends a very different message. I think people select a hospital to receive care and want to be treated with compassion and respect in a non-judgmental fashion. I think the message here is We Judge and We Judge Very Harshly.

    Kind of funny that that Sparrow would take this position, as I think they have been largely successful with their battle with McLaren as of late. If they and their staff see smokers and obese people as children of a lesser god, it’s certainly their right to take this position.
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  9. That's a ridiculous post. Every medical association on earth views cigarettes as harmful to your body. As an entity that promotes physical well-being, this is a positive step that shows the hospital and it's staff don't just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk.

    Where does the article state that they will judge or treat patients any different? Hospitals treat patients repeatedly for smoking-related illnesses right now. Where do they say that will change? Perhaps they are trying to be a role model to the community (as they state) and do their part promoting healthy habits among their own workforce?

    They also state that anyone who tests positive for nicotine can reapply after 90 days.

    Show me where they state anything about obese people in this article.

    I'm all for it. Numerous studies have shown the impact of 2nd-hand smoke and some regarding the affects of 3rd-hand smoke. Who better to set an example than the people who have to treat those affected by smoking every day? I'd say it shows that they care more than anything.
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  10. Can someone tell me what 3rd hand smoke is? Is that were someone smells like smoke, but isn't smoking at that present time. So the person smelling the smoke indirectly off the smoker could some how be harmed?


    Um, grow the $#%# up. That's not meant at you cscott.
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  11. It's the residues left on surfaces, fabrics, etc. Typically children are most impacted from crawling around in close proximity to the contaminated surfaces. I think smoking is absolutely disgusting so I'm all for any and every reduction possible.

    Congrats on recently kicking the smoking/chewing habit yourself.
  12. I'm gonna leave this one alone.

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  13. Thank you.

    I've never been one to care what others do, especially when it comes to smoking. Kids on the other hand don't really have a choice. Although when I was growing up every adult I knew smoked, and looked how I turned out!!!!:16suspect Ok, don't answer that.:lol:
  14. Smoking isn't as bad as unsafe sex especially if its same sex and there partner is all fat and sweaty so they should not hire fattys or gays along with the smokers and drinkers after all least the smokers and drinkers paying a sin tax they need to tax cake and cookies and anal creme like they do smokes :)
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    ***? :dizzy: WOW...just WOW.

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