Looking to but a New boat - need help in trying to decided

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by leadchuckr, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. I am looking at buying a new 17' aluminum boat - there are so many out there, that I am getting confused and could use some help - LUND, Alumacraft, Tracker, Polar Kraft, Ultracraft, G3 , Starcraft - which is your favorite boat and why - riveted Vs.welded ? is the dealer important thing I should consider too? I hope I can get some good feed back so it will help me make the right choice.

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  2. I just bought a new Tracker Targa. Had it out twice and I'm impressed with it. It's a lot of boat for the money.
    This is my second welded aluminum boat. I've never had a rivited one.

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  3. Rodz,

    Congrates on the new boat - what was the thing that made you buy the tracker - Price? it is one of the boats i am considering
  4. I looked at it at BPS and it got my attention. I bought it at D&R, wanting to keep my spending in Michigan as much as possible. The guys at D&R were great to work with and have a very friendly staff that know they're doing. I would highly recommend them.
  5. I like my tracker, but have been looking at G3 lately because they have nice 16 or 17 foot tiller arm model.
  6. I saw a Polar Kraft that looked very nice this past weekend - not really familar with them what can you tell me about them -and has anyone heard of a Ultracraft ?
  7. I personally favor Crestliner boats, excellent boats, all welded, many options, great company and service.

    Lunds are great, don't care for the rivits and you will pay a bit more for the name.

    I know alot of guys that have newer Alumacraft boats and love them, but they are rivited.
  8. welded... most of the welded boats are lifetime warranty to the buyer
  9. I'm a Lund Guy - When they start welding tractor trailers & airplanes, I'd think about a welded boat (there's a reason they don't !). My .02
  10. I bought a used Lund over a new Tracker, granted they are expensive, but resale and reliability were 2 key resons I went that route. I enjoyed the boat for almost 8 years and ended up getting almost all of my $$ back, and never had the boat in the shop, ever. Downtime and repairs can make or break the boating experience, have fun selecting what works for you.
  11. The Polar Craft I am looking at is about $1200 less than the same equiped Lund 1750 Impact - I am having a hard time trying to spend thats much more money on the lund when the Polar Craft seems constrution wise to match up with the lund and its wider and a few inch longer - any thoughts about it- I try to be a carefully in my boat buying being I want this to be one I have for quite some time.
  12. One thing I did notice with the Lund verses other brands is how much lean the Lund didn't have. Meaning standing at the side, how far the boat leans, with Lund they just dont lean, really stable, and that isnt true for many cheaper hull styles. I have a tin "Spectum" now and it's a much cheaper boat, it leans like a dog but is much taller and wider than my old Lund.
    I hear nothing but great things about Polarcraft too.
  13. My Tracker does lean a lot. Even on plane with just me in it. Tracker has some good points but it's certainly not perfect. For several thousand dollars less than a Lund, I can tolerate a few glitches. Lund is a very good boat, just overpriced.
  14. Earlier this year, Tracker was advertising their 18' Targa for around $24K on thier website. Just for fun, I used their "build your boat" feature and rigged the Targa with the exact same option's that I ordered my Lund Tyee with. By the time I upgraded the motor, electronic's, trolling motor, added a kicker it was over $40K for the Targa. Once you rig the boat's exactly the same, you would be surprised how little difference their is in price. Tracker is famous for rigging their boat's with an underpowered motor, cheap electronic's, and then advertising with a low price. Plus, if you ever plan on selling the boat, the Lund will hold it's value much better than the tracker. My last 17' Lund I ran for 6 year's and sold it for $4k less than what I paid for it.
  15. I bought mine with 150 hp Optimax, boat cover, spare tire, $2,300.00 in electronics (down imaging in front and side imaging on dash) with Ethernet cable to connect front and rear, trailer brakes, freight and prep for $6,000.00 less then Fisherman's Landing quoted me for a Pro V 1875 with no options. When I looked at them I didn't see where the Lund quality was any better than the Targa. They both had some good points. I really like the Targa's rod storage in the top of the gunnels. I just couldn't justify the cost difference for a Lund.

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