Looking For The Closest Starting Pen For Beagles

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by critter trapper, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Just Curious If Anyone Has A Starting Pen For Beagles In My Area As I Am Located Near Ann Arbor?

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  2. Jim Whale
    Merril Michigan
    West of Saginaw
    Ph 989.643.5127
    Call and "talk" to him..


  3. Wales also has a deer pen for breaking dogs. At least he used to. Wayback kennels in Montrose would be closer, but I think they sold the kennel. Someone had told me that the pen was still being used.
  4. I was wondering about the pen in Montrose. My dad had a couple of hounds from there.
  5. What's a starting pen?
  6. I'd tell you but I wouldn't want to repeat what someone else has already posted ;)
  7. A pen where young beagles can get introduced to chasing rabbits. Mostly tame rabbits with cover etc. 2-10 acres in size.
  8. Thanks! Sorry for all the dumb questions :confused:
  9. I hear an echo :D :p

    No question is dumb.

    There is a guy in Olivet that has running pens I hear.
  10. Cliff Trozel in Auburn Indiana starts alot of dogs.
    He is open year around.

    So does (Barny Dailey Greenville mi)but he is closed untill april.

    If you need there phone number let me know I will find it.

    Starting pens are great but this time of year you need to watch that you aren't teaching your dogs bad habits. Due to lack of cover and tough scenting conditions.

    You can cause a dog to start back tracking as well as picking it's head up in the check area and looking with it's eyes instead of it's nose.

    Snow and lack of cover this year can also make a young pup get too many sight chases.

    With the condtions we are having right now I like to have complete controll over what my pup is doing. That is not possible when you leave your pup at a pen.

    Better to let them play catch up at an older age on good conditions than to mess them up trying to rush them at a young age in bad conditions.
  11. Thanks For All The Replies. I Appreciate Them. Thanks Robert For Your Input, I Just Wanted To Get Her On Some Rabbits As She Is Still Young And Just Wants To Play And Its Distracting My Female From Hunting With A Pup Hanging From Her Side. But The Good Thing Is She Is Absolutely Rabbit Crazy. Been Teasing Her With A Frozen Rabbit And She Goes Nuts Every Time I Bring It Out. Just Getting Anxious To Get Her Hunting.
  12. Sounds like your on the right track with her.

    What is her breeding, who did you get her from.

    I know alot of the guys down river that have beagles.
  13. Ron in Olivet has a starting pen. I got both my dogs from him and they are both excellent.
  14. I Got Her From Red Pine Kennels Just North Of Standish. She Is About 99% Brancos With I Believe 5 Field Champions In Her Background. I Think She Has What It Takes To Be Great Hunter. He Has Rabbit Pens Up There 5 Acre Puppy Pen And A 20 Acre Pen As Well It Is Just 3 Hours From My House. Excellent Guy To Deal With And He Has Puppys Often. I Believe Most Of His Dogs Started With Brancos Background.

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