looking for hunter safety classes

Discussion in 'Michigan Youngsters in the Out-Of-Doors' started by outdoor junkie, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Anyone know who in the Genesee county area might offer them sometime soon, would like to take my wifes little brother, so he can hunt this fall. Thank's for any help you can provide.

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  2. Howdy, o j-

    Go to the Michigan DNR website; they have a list of currently running H.S. classes in the state......

  3. Thank's for the head's up.
  4. not much for info but the field an stream club has classes thru the year. they are just west of shields on m-46. i couldnt find a number to call maybe someone can help with a number.
  5. if your close enough to bass pro shop they have free classes it is during the week but in three nights if you need dates call bps ask for the range good luck
  6. FYI on the Hunter saftey at Bass-Pro THEY ARE FULL UNTIL MID SEPT!!!!!!!!! Gee I wonder why:lol:
  7. In reference to the on-line hunter ed course. Please understand that this "covers" the text book portion of the course, not the actual test and field sections. Also, you will need to make arrangements with a hunter ed instructor to take the test and hands on testing, at one of the scheduled trainings. This should be done prior to the on-line course.

    Hope this will help.
  8. North Macomb Sportsmens Club - End of August

  9. If I can get at least 8 kids to sign up, I can hold one ot my store....

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  10. You got one with mine!!!!!!
  11. If I see more interest, I'll start setting it up.....
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    I need a certif for my hunt in CO in Nov:yikes:
  13. If it's held on a weekend you've got another with my grandson.

  14. Count me in for one possibly two kids

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