Long Lake in Grand Traverse County Report

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by Jiggylow, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Fished Sunday and Monday evening in 22 to 30 FOW both days. Slip bobber and a leech. Caught between 15 and 20 walleyes with six being keepers. Biggest was just under 24", most of the keepers were right around 16". We also kept 4 perch around 9 or 10" long. We stayed at Interlochen State Park where there was a strong hatch of mayflies. Did not really notice them on Long Lake.

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  2. Sounds like you did well. Thanks for the report.

  3. We will be heading up there for a full week of fishing and swimming. I rented out a cabin for a full week. Never been up there before and would like to get into some fish for my nephews ages 10 and 8 will be with us. I was hoping someone could point us in the general area for some smallie/largemouth action...and some pike. I have a map from michigan sportsman connection book and mentions some locations so we can give those a try as well. Or any ideas on how to walleye fish would be appreciated as well. My nephews have yet to catch a eyeball. Pm if you dont want the whole world to know. Hahaha....just looking for a general areas to try out, no hunny holes.


  4. i know around the islands is agood place to start where do you rent cabins on long lake
  5. Thanks. Thats what the 'book' said as well, to troll near the islands and the 20 foot flat that is out there. So thats a good start for us I think. Is this lake very weedy this time of the year......We are renting a cabin on the southwest corner of the lake. If you would like I can send you the info. They use to have the cabin listed on a popular renting website but it got too expensive and so they took it off the listing. VRBO is the site. Its a good site to start.

  6. You fish in the NE corner did ok this past winter but have not tried in the boat been on Lake Leelanau
  7. Thanks again. We will be at the southeast corner of the lake. Any bait shops around that area that have live baits, minnows and leaches. We will be about 5 minute drive south of the over-hyped steak joint thats up that way. Ate there once last year....nothing spectacular. Guess i should have ordered the 54 ounzer LOL....
  8. Long Lake grocery on north end has leeches and crawlers, not sure about minnows in the summer. Also bait on south side of us 31 about 1/2 mile west of interlochen, bucs bait I think, help yourself 24 hour outdoor refridgerator.
  9. There is a gas station on 31 South of Interlochen 4ish miles (right next to Reynolds Rd.), called Cherryland Grociery, that USUALLY has minnows and carries other live baits etc.
  10. Thanks guys! I will try the southern bait shops since they will be a lot closer. I have their phone numbers and will see what baits they carry. Cherryland will probably be ideal since I can pick up groceries at the same time. I figured leaches for eyeballs and minnows under a bobber for some pike. I sure hope my little nephews get a pike on the end of their line!

    We are heading up there this Sunday. Thanks again


    long lake grocery has their own website
  11. Musky are possible in Long Lake also, that would be a real treat for your nephew. I caught the Musky in my avatar from Long Lake last year. Good Luck and have fun.
  12. yeah...Mr Musky would probably take my little nephews pole as well as the bait :lol:....sure would be fun though!!!!

    weather is looking great for us and the wind im hoping stays the same...will be trolling and depending how weedy this lake is or lack there of, i will adjust accordingly. I honestly dont have experience in using leeches...so this will be my first at it. Slip bob it around the points and see what attacks. Do I hook the leech at the sucker end or at the 'butt' end or in the middle. Im sure i can find answers online but would just rather ask a fellow fisherman.

    Long Lake Grocery have good pizza?

    thanks again

  13. Long Lake Grocery does have good pizza....Stick the hook through the leeches sucker.... That is such a nice fish Kurt, amazing that those things are in there. Hardly ever here of those things coming out of there.
  14. BTW-I was on the lake last weekend and we caught a few smalleyes in the 22-29 foot range. Long Lake Grocery has great pizza and bait as well. Good Luck and have fun.
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    HOLY SMOKES!!! What were her dimensions??? Great fish

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