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  1. should selective cutting part of a woods affect deer? the neighbors have some sort of logging going on and the deer disappeared for about a month now...i think they are finished should things go back to normal now?

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  2. Depends on how much logging was done and how the habitat changed. If they did a crappy job and have tree tops and brush everywhere I can just about guarantee where the deer are. Crappy in our eyes usually is very attractive to deer. We have a couple thousand acres in the U.P. and we have been doing cutting for the last 30 years and the deer love cutting for alot of different reasons. But not knowing where your hunting or your habitat and alot of other things its hard to say. I dont believe logging chases deer out. While cutting yes, but I believe they return soon after it ends and if it created attractive cover and food then I would say your neighbors probably have some deer living there and loving it. My experiences are not in small acre cutting. Most of our cuttings were several hundred acres so my experiences may not be the same as yours if they are only cutting a few acres rather than a few hundred. But I do not think logging hurts hunting but it can alter movement and that could be your issue.

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  3. If anything it will help.

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  4. One possibility is that they are using that logged area more heavily now. When we cut we typically see heavy nocturnal use by deer of the downed tops after we leave. It can look like a cattle yard in the morning. Human use of a feeding area does not typically scare deer away. For example, deer will use a hay field the night of the day it is cut. They will be in corn and bean fields soon after the equipment leaves after the harvest. On the other hand, human disruption of bedding can clear deer out for some length of time, especially during deer hunting seasons.

    Depending on local habitat the loggers might be creating a situation where those tops on the ground are something deer crave and so they are hanging closer to the candy. The deer would not be concerned about the loggers and may bed nearby knowing that when they leave they can hop up and get a dandy meal.

    Another explanation is that they are cutting the best bedding area that supplies your hunting area with deer, and pushing deer off. But that is less likely if logging is going on, since good bedding (during hunting season) does not typically coexist with woods that need to be logged.
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    We were typing at the same time Captain and Bersh. Good advice.
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  7. its only an 80 acre woods with half of it being logged surrounded by corn and a recently cut bean field so i bet ur right that they are in that thicker stuff that was left behind...thanks for the info!

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  8. on state land when they clear cut the deer disappear for a few years till it starts to fill back in then its a buck magnet the thicker it fills in the better.

    Lots of food and cover. My fav is when they leave oaks and pines scattered around in it this makes it awwsome hunting in 3 years.

    So I guess it depends, how did they log the property?
  9. I'm in a similar situation. My neighbor to the south is actively cutting firewood adjacent to a hinged area and my neighbor to the north is undertaking a major logging/firewood operation adjacent to my heaviest cover.
    I ran a camera on a plot approx. 100 yds from each of these boundries (middle of my property) and I had regular daytime feeding going on in the plot, although it appeared they were entering from the east and west (not the effected area).
    All of what they are cutting is dead ash so the availability of browse increasing with tops isn't an option to a large extent.
    I'll use their activities to my advantage and adjust accordingly.;)

  10. That was pretty good. Great minds think alike........:lol:

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