Loch Erin, Irish Hills Area

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  1. My friend called me today and said he has family members on this lake and that we can fish it. From what I have gathered this is a large and shallow lake, with stained water and alot of small panfish. Im looking for general info on where and what to fish for , and what species are in the lake. Is it worth it to fish here over the other lakes in the area? Thanks for your responses, Chris.

    Also the house in on O'Dowling Drive, if that helps any

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  2. Chris, i have fished this lake a few times and have only caught crappie.....all 7 to 8 inches and ALOT of them. i have heard of an accidental walleye caught. there are some gills, but the crappie make up 90 percent of the catch.


  3. i heard guys are doing very well out there this year. in the spring we get eyes out there a lot
  4. all the 7 to 8 inch crappie you can handle.
  5. any bigger crappie, say 10 inchers lol
  6. I fish that quite a bit. And have never seen a big crappy. Caught a big eye once!
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  7. not that i've seen. 8.5" at best
  8. Is there access to this lake. I am hoping to take my 10 year old, this week and would like to see him catch something so he dose not become bored. it would be his first time ice fishing. Even if we do not keep anything i would like for him to become interested in ice fishing.
  9. No access here its private unless you get permission from someone living on the lake.
  10. I am very familiar with this lake as my parents live on it. Like everyone said a TON of undersize crappie. I have only seen one big one and that was caught by my girlfriend it was 12.5 inches. There are alot of walleye in there but catching them is another story. I pulled a 30" 9.5 pound walter there this summer. My advice is fish minnows, if your looking for eyes set a couple tip ups with some decent sized minnows. Oh and your and bound to hook into some nice channel cats to it is loaded with them. Anyone looking to go out on this lake shoot me a pm and we can head out sometime. Good luck fishing.

  11. Thats funny you say about the cats I have fished that lk quite a bit. A couple weeks ago I was out there and caught a cat what a blast on light tackle.
  12. Yeah they are a good time open water or ice fishing. If you want to catch them take some of those thousand crappie you will catch out there and make some cut bait and put it under a tip-up. Will keep you busy all day long, although some will not fit through the hole:yikes: had that problem alot last winter.
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  14. I have never pulled one out over 9 myself. Maybe I'm in the wrong spot
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