Loc-On Ladder stand for sale.

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  1. I bought a new Summit Climber this year, that brought my total treestand count to 3. I still have my summit hang-on stand and will probably keep that, but I don't ever see myself using the Ladder stand (I have only used my climber this year) so I'm looking to get it out of the garage. I believe the model of the Loc-ON ladder stand is a Titan??? I'm not positive. It gets up to about 14ft. if memory serves me correct. There are a total of 4 sections. It's made out of 1 1/2" - 2" aluminum tubing for the rails of the ladder sections. Sorry, no pics. I only have one of the backpack straps for it. I'd really like to get $50, but make an offer.

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  2. That really sounds like a great deal. If I lived closer I would take it. Could you P.M. me a Number or address so I could check and see how far you are.

  3. Still for Sale.

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