"LIVE" Port Huron Smelt Dipping Report (4/16)

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  1. Dipping just North of the Black River in Port Huron. As of 9 pm, one group of anglers caught 8 Smelt, another group of anglers caught 6 Smelt, and a 3rd group caught 3 Smelt. I got the big goose egg so far...arrived late. Will make another pull and update after 9:30 pm.

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  2. nothing else on my 2nd pull, everyone else waiting for the weather to break. Strong South trying to change over to the West. Sprinkles, rain showers off and on.
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  3. You must be about due for another pull. I'm crossing my fingers for ya.
  4. Moved further North...

    Slightly better catches of Smelt here, BUT nowhere near as good as the reports I've heard about.
    Packed it in because of the weather.

    Will do another "LIVE" report on my next trip to the St. Clair River.

    BTW...if anyone is looking for some FREE bait, the boardwalk in PH is full of nightcrawlers.

    Good fishing!
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  5. waves n wind keep em deep...but the runoff and temps are perfect...hell even the crawlers are a little scarce tonight....next calm day plus nets equals a slaughter fest:cool:
  6. Know him??? I haven't talked to him in years..ah weeks...I mean hours. :lol:
  7. The smelt are always running exactly on the nights I happen to be absent! Every year same story-I can go out 6 nights out of 7 and that one night everybody will be doing great.

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  8. 2 friends and myself was down on 4/17 from dark to 12:30 am we filled a 5 gallon bucket.Every pull we had atleast 100 or more ,its been alot of years since i had it that good.its a good sign for our fishery.
  9. how are the smelt up there in Port Huron?
  10. not been good yet this year for me i have only caught 3 small ones in 3 trips headed up Sunday night with my son for his first ever smelt trip i will post results when i get home
  11. We got 2 gallons of smelt Friday night out in front of Rock falls creek harbor beach area That was between 4 guys dipping And 5 hours

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