Limited time to hunt .... when's the peak rut?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by KalamazooKid, Sep 26, 2008.

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    I've only got two days to hunt this year and absolutely have to know which two days will be peak rut in Van Buren county? If you don't feel totally qualified to answer the question correctly, please don't post.


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  2. Depends on what you mean by peak rut, but clearly in Michigan the bucks are in seek mode big time the last week of October. Once you get into November they are tending does and only traveling with or between them.

    Peak rut as defined as maximum buck movement in LP would be 10/27 - 10/31, and no it doesn't change since it's triggered by decreasing daylight (photosynthesis) which is consistent year to year.

    If, you're talking about peak breeding, then the answer would be when they're tending does, peaking from 11/10 - 11/13 for most of LP.

  3. I know exactly the two days....actually I know it down to a 4 hour time frame! It will happen on......oh wait, this information will cost.....lets see a S&W 340PD should be an even trade, or we can work out a deal that gets me into a S&W AR15. The info is that good!!

    BTW, think early! :lol::lol:
  4. I should add that the entire state of Michigan only varies from 41 degrees latitude to 48 degrees latitude, so the total variance in diminshinig phototsynthesis is mere hours, not days. In other words, the rut in southern LP varies from the rut in the northern UP by hours, not days.

    So when you mention Vanburen county, the answer would be the same for say Clare county....

    Take this info to heart and it will open your eyes to some great chasers with racks.:cool:
  5. KalamazooKid

    KalamazooKid cold, dead hands ......
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    You'd have to curl my cold dead fingers off my 340 Swampy! I do think I could get you a sweet deal on the AR15 though - pm me if you want to make the road trip to On Target.

    OK, now back on topic. I need to turn in my vacation schedule today!
  6. November 3 and 4.

  7. You're out of's done missed it:yikes:
  8. Nov 6th and 7th, dont leave the woods at all on those 2 days. Seriously!
  9. If I had to choose only two days they certainly wouldn't be in October, and it would definitely be previous to November 10th. In general the November 3rd-9th range is optimal. Four out of the past six years we've seen peak daytime buck activity on November 8th. If I were stuck with only two days I'd do everything possible be able to respond on short notice to the weather patterns that look best within the above 7 day time frame.
  10. I agree with most of the above, between Oct 24th-Nov 14th. Unless your gonna be gun hunting then it would be Nov15-16th. These dates will be the same year after year. The tricky part is getting the weather to cooperate;)
  11. First week of November is no doubt the best week to be in the woods in my humble opinion.
  12. Halloween night....I have no idea what it is but everyone I know that goes out that night sees a ton of deer. Good Luck
  13. Nov 1-15....mid-day too. Make sure you're in the woods all day if possible. Nov 5 is a good day for me. Up here though, I see most of my good movement the 10th-14th. When I hunted the SLP, the first week of Nov was better for me.
  14. I Put one in the books last year on nov 3rd last year. A buddy of mine put one in the books the day before (nov 2nd). I would take november 2nd and 3rd. ;)
  15. TOtally qualified?? I dunnno about that.. but NOV 5-8 is the generally accepted peak pre-rut, that's no mystery.

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