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  1. I'll be back in Michigan to partake in the fall hunting seasons later this year ;) including deer with slugs. I've always heard good things about Lightfield Slugs, can you give your opinion of them, or others you prefer if you think they are better. Good accuracy?

    I'll be shooting a Rem 870 w/rifled barrel and the cantilever w/scope.

    I went to the Lightfield site and a bunch of Dunham's Sports stores showed up as carrying them. I've been in and out of Michigan, lately mostly out, and never heard of them. Do these stores exist and do they carry Lightfield? Thought Williams Gunsight would carry them but turned up zip. Jays up in Clare is listed but a search also turned up zip. Are they hard to find? Anywhere within 50 miles of Saginaw you can get them without special order?;

    Any help appreciated as I'm about 7000 miles away and have to make maximum use of my precious vacation days this fall without wasting it looking for ammo :lol: Waidmannsheil, Dom.

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  2. I have seen them in various Dunhams at times.

    Just a thought why not order from Cabelas and have them ship to an address and be ready when you come back to MI?

  3. When I hunt with a shotgun, I use the Lightfield hybrid exp slugs. They have consistant accuracy out of the two rifled shotguns I have. I've chronographed them and have seen huge velocity variation (over 300fps), but it did not translate to an increase in groups on paper. Gander mountain in Saginaw always has all the brands, but won't be the cheapest. I usually pick up a couple boxes post season when all the prices drop.

    Don't expect these to mushroom, they just poke a big hole on both sides and keep going. Easy blood trail, but they don't run more than 40-50 yards anyway.

  4. out of my 870 rifled barrel they didnt group well
  5. I've used the Lightfield hybrid exp slugs since 2003 and they work great for me. Have taken deer out past 80yds with them and no problems. Dunhams, Cabela's, Gander Mountain all carry them.
    You should try a few different brands and see which works best for you and your set-up.
  6. The only slugs I shoot are Lightfields. Outa a H&R 20 ga they willl hit the same bullet hole at 100 yards! I have been very impressed by the accuracy and the knockdown power. Not sure how they will shoot out of your Remington though. Oh I got a Simmons Turkey Scope with a diamond reticle sitting on top of the H&R. Good luck!
  7. i've used them with good success. imo there are better options out there but i have no complaints about them.
  8. CB, thanks for the ideas, a Cabela's order just might be the best ticket.

    Yes, I'll have to get a few different types and see which shoot the best in my setup. Sabots have increased greatly in price in the last few years! At $2 - $4 bucks a pop will try and limit my "experiments" to a few types that have been known to work in the 870.

    Dubllung4, funny you mention the H&R, because that's what my friend has and man that sucker shoots the Lightfields - lights out!

    Hopefully some others will chime in with what brand sabots have worked best for them.
  9. I went through the expensive task of sighting in my new slug barrel with a new scope last year.

    After shooting Hornady SST, Rem accutips, hastings and gun ended up liking the lightfields the best. Remington accutips came in second.

    Every barrel is different, what worked for me, might not work for you. I'm shooting a Remington 1100 with rifled barrel.
  10. Dom ,

    I am shooting lightfield "blues " ( 2 & 3/4 inch , 1 & 1/4 oz. ) hybred exp's , out of the same rig you have . My old Rem. 870 with the fully rifled barell and cantilivier mount , topped with a 2 x 7 Leupold scope groups very well out to 100 yards ( 2-3 inch groups ).
    I think you will find that the group well out of your set-up.

    A couple things just to pass on some info...

    Be warned that recoil is stout from this slug , not unmanagable but the ounce and a quarter slug does come back hard.

    Also I have read some complaints that this particular slug does not go thru and thru . In my own experience I have shot several deer where I found the slug perfectly mushroomed just under the opposite side skin of the entry wound. To me this slug could not be working better as it transfers all of its considerable energy into the animal. Some have complained that it only leaves one hole for blood trailing.

    Bottom line is that any deer I have hit with this slug have gone down like a ton of bricks and I have had excellent sucess with this gun /slug combo. I have shot this exact same combo you are asking about for a good many years and consider it my "go to " rig for shotgun deer hunting.

    Sorry to be long winded but trying to help shorten the learning curve for a fellow sportsman , good luck this fall.
  11. Thank you all very much, some good and very useful info for me to keep tucked away til this Fall. Don't mind long winded at all, and don't need DRT as tracking a bit is not viewed as a bad thing to me. Thin skinned deer are most times a piece of cake compared to long haired winter boar.

    I know the loads are pretty stout, my old rig was a Win 1300 rifled barrel, shoot a few from the bench worse than my 375H&H :lol:.

    I've got a Zeiss conquest 3-9 on this 870 rig. I'll get a few of the recommended sabots ordered and on hand for my testing. Good luck, Waidmannsheil, and Petriheil to all my fellow Michiganders! Dom.
  12. Every slug gun has a taste of it's own so you need to experiment with several brands to find the best fit for yours. Lightfields are good no doubt about it. I shoot an Encore with rifled barrel and it prefers the Remmington copper solids and the knock down power is awesome. Good luck hope you find your best match.

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  13. I took my deer at 120 yards with my 870 and Lightfield Hybred EXP's this past November. He ran about 50 yards being hit a little high behind the shoulder. I have 3 boxes on the shelf for next season.
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  14. Some years back i saw a study performed by Remington where they compared the lightfield against their Buckhammer slugs. that study claimed that the lightfield is NOT performing well in very cold conditions. I have not tried this myself to have my own opinion, i do not know if this is correct. For my own 870 with cantilever scope i use the buckhammers with very good accuracy ( 2 to 3 inch variation) at 100 yards and an amazing energy. My gun does not like anything with hight speed ( 1800 fps or more ) ; the slug does not group well due to the rate of twist in my gun and it becomes unpredictable at long distances. I am getting good groups with slugs in the 1500 fps area. I hope this helps.

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