Late planting soybeans

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by jdub, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I know that you can plant soybeans late but I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with doing so? I know there are different types of beans, is there one in particular that I should use planting that late?

    I'm looking at mid July planting around 2.5 acres. Would this be a good option for a solid late Oct-Nov plot (I would plan on overseeding wheat and oats into it in Sept) or would there be a better option? I'm not really worried about feeding them before late Oct as food sources are abundant. Any input and suggestion are appreciated. Thanks!


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  2. I've had several friends plant Soys around the end of June and beginning of July so that they would stay green long into bow season. However, none of them ever grew about 5 or 6"'s because the deer would hammer them. If you do plant them i'd suggest putting up some sort of plot saver to keep the deer out. Your 2.5 acres will probably never make it if you have avg-high deer density. IMO i'd wait until late August, spray your plot and then plant WW or Rye the first week or two of Sept. That will feed deer long in to Nov

  3. You will have contact your local co-op or elevator to see what shortest day soybean they have. Planting that late you will want a 70-80 day bean with the expected frost usually around October 15th. I don't know if they even have that. If you are looking for a late season food source I would do half into a brassica mix and the other half Rye/Austrian Winte Peas/Forage Radishes/Clover mix. Then rotate the following year.

    If you plant your beans then, you might have a canopy issue of spreading the rye into in September. Because normal Ag beans are turning yellow/brown in September. Yours won't be with planting that late.
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    I'm just going to add them into my fall plantings instead of peas this year.

    I have two bean plots in right now. One is an acre the other is a 1/4 acre, both have plot saver around them, both are about 4" high and looking pretty good. We'll see how well I can get them to grow with a high deer density.
  5. I was thinking of using the beans instead of peas in the rye/peas/oats/clover type mix. They aren't going to get to the stage of making pods anyway and I have some leftovers that are cheaper than buying peas.... Which is to say I will likely plant them in late August.

    Ed Spin wrote about planting beans in early August, years ago....I think.
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    My thoughts exactly and why I am doing it.
  7. I would hold off on planting until the beginning of August and plant the rye/beans/oats/forage radish/clover mix.

    With a mix ratio of:
    • Rye 50 lbs/acre
    • Oats 50 lbs/acre
    • Beans 40 lbs/acre
    • Red clover 10 lbs/acre or white clover at 6 lbs/acre
    • Forage Radish 3-5 lbs/acre
    Add the red clover for a cover crop to till under next year. The white clover to actually turn the field into a clover plot. It all depends on your plans next year and budget. You could also just frost seed some white around the edges of the plot this winter to get a year round food source.
  8. You can plant RR soybeans from mid July to the first of August (need rain). Spray 3-4 weeks later and on Sept. 1 broadcast oats and rape.
  9. Thanks for the input fellas. I'll have to think on this one. It is currently a clover plot but its not that big of a draw even in the summer as there is too much agriculture around. Supplementing the beans for peas in that mix sounds like it may be a good route.

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