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  1. Did some exploring yesterday, decided to look for some still water after finding my local creek high and muddy.

    "Found" a new (to me) pond, caught my first few panfish since moving to Michigan last week! Took a few flies to figure them out, but finally got a few on a #18 nymph tied only with wire and white thread.


    A little later I had a great time battling a largemouth that took my #6 white wooly bugger. I saw the whole thing- the green mouth came out of the darkness and sucked it in! So exciting. It jumped a bunch of times, somehow I managed to keep the hook in. This was one of my first largemouths on the fly!


    ...and then I saw the carp. Managed to get my fly in front of him; the fish actually took 3 swipes at the wooly bugger, but in my excitement I kept pulling it away from him. So freaking exciting! Good to know I had the fly and the presentation right, except for my nervousness.. One of these days I'll get a carp on the fly...

    Michigan is so awesome.

    Wrote a bunch more:

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  2. Nice story! Im still waiting to catch a bass on a fly rod. Have a 15 month old son now so my fishing time has drasticly been reduced, but nice fish!

  3. Nice fish! I think im going to try my hand at carp and gar this year. just one question what pound line is your leader? I have a 'tip it" on. i think thats what there called but it doesnt seem like it would hold up to bass. I do know a place with alot of carp that will probably take a fly. maybe we can meet up and you can give me some pointers;)
  4. Thanks! I think normal fancy fly fishers use special material for their tippets (the line that connects to the leader, which connects to the fly line, as I understand it) but I just use plain old mono. I've been using 8lb mono, which might be too thick for trout (and might explain why I'm having trouble catching them) but works fine for bass and carp.

    It might not hold up to a big fish on spinning gear, but on a fly rod the long flexible rod and drag protects the line. I caught a few very big carp in the winter with 6 lb tippet material, but it would have been very very difficult on spinning gear.

    ... and I'll tell you what, a big carp on a 6 weight fly rod is the best fight I've ever had.

    I'm sure there are other carp fly fishers out there who are much more experienced than me (I've only caught a few on the fly) who might be able to provide some more insight.
  5. haha thanks fine by me. I may be the worlds worse fly fisherman. I normally like a baitcaster or spinner and love fishing for carp. they put up a great fight and would love to catch something other than gills on the flyrod. I tried mono on once but couldnt get it through the tiny eyes on some of the flys
  6. CBfishes, I have been following your return to Michigan and sharing your excitement. I went to college in Chicago and was always glad to bust out of there in the spring.

    Nice work on the bass.
  7. Not a master fly fisherman my any means but some tips on tippets...

    Tippets go from thick material where you attach to the flyline to very thin where you attach the fly. They help your cast by allowing the fly to loop correctly during the cast and not get tangled. And give your offering that quiet presentation fly fishing usually requires. The store bought one are handy because you tie one on and are all set.

    But you can do a poor mans tippet by tying on mono or florocarbon in two foot to four foot lengths and stepping down the line size. For early bass on my 7wt I usually start with 12lb for three feet, then 6lb or lighter depending on cover. If its really weedy I go with the 10wt setup, 20/12lb set up.

    General rule of thumb is your tippet should be as long as your rod.

    If mr toothy is around I add a short section, 12" max, of 25lb floro to the end. its not fool proof but greatly increases your odds of not getting bit off.

    Carp are tricky, my experince has been go as light as you can, even 2lb spooks them sometimes.

    Good luck fellas
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  8. thanks for the tips on tipit. Carp are really confusing. we catch them on 40+ braid sometimes so it seems like tipit wouldnt scare them away. but thats for the info. how about floro? shouldnt get tangled as much as mono and it doesnt flex
  9. What you are describing is a leader. Tippet is an extension of the leader so that you can make changes to flies with out cutting and shortening your leader. The tippet is usually the same diameter as the end of your tapered leader.
  10. floro and mono makes your lures act differently in my opinion. Different sink rates, running depths, and such...just out of habit I always start with floro, i like the less stretch and low vis. But if I'm not getting the attention I like I'll switch to mono. With things like conehead woolies and such this can make a huge difference on your depth.

    carp are one of those bizzaro fish, somedays 100lb mono and a 9" swimbait wont scare them...other days they run from bird

    I think with braid I actually have caught a carp because his buglemouth, scales or fins, caught on the line and he ran into the hook. makes walleye fishing very exciting for a sec untill you realize its a carp....the pick up feels different, usually a straight run off and no real hit. This dosn't happen much with regular lines, but is common with braids.

    I know I'm rambling, but i love talking fishing almost as much as going.
  11. See above, on the difference between tippit and leader, learn something new everyday. :D

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