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  1. Just finished Planting 160 trees on my propery as part of a concervation improvement. Right now I have a little of 10 acres of land looking for more ideas on how to better my property for deer and small game. And one have suggestions.


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  2. I should mention that the land is mostly open field as of right now. With a small wetland that seems to hold ducks and geese. I've also seen woodcock around the property. Looking to hold more grouse and sharp tail that are in the area. The deer pass right through mostly at night though, I figure that the trees planted will act as a good bedding area, but not for a good 10 years or so.

  3. What type of trees did you plant?

    I know that grouse love Dogwood bushes, Highbrush cranberry, Nannyberry, juneberry and pincherry; along with the bud on poplar/aspen.

    I just planted bur oak, dogwood, crabapple and red pine to help draw more turkey on to my land.
  4. I planted white and blue Spurce, white pine, and maples.
  5. We just planted 800 24-36" Norway pines, 200 red osiers and 24 fruits trees (pear-apple mix)

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  6. Two weeks ago I planted 1000 hybrid poplar, 200 pine, 50 Cranapple, 50 Grey Dogwood, and 100 Bur Oak.

    Has anyone had major issues with deer browse on poplar seedlings? I just bought tree tubes for the Cranapple at @ $2.55 a piece. I can't afford to purchase for all the poplar. Wondering what tricks have worked to keep the deer browse to a minimum. I need purchase a gallon of Deer Out spray, and hoping the mint smell will at least keep the deer away so the seedlings can establish this summer. As my buddy reminded me - if the deer are hungry enough... at least they'll have fresh breathe.
  7. Spray your trees with Deer Stopper every three weeks or so. Maybe a little more often if you get hard rains. It is the only thing that keep deer out of my wife's flower gardens.

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