Lamprey Eels

Discussion in 'Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River' started by mwakely, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Caught two walleye today east of the ditch and they had "lamprey eels" attached to them. Is this common? It's the first I can remember catching a fish with a lamprey in Lake St. Clair?

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  2. Most likely they are the "Silver Lamprey" which are a natural organism found in the Great Lakes. They are not the problem that the Sea Lamprey is.

    We have talked about the Silver Lamprey here a few times and one of the better web sites on this little critter is here:

    Lampreys of Michigan
    They talk about the Silver about 1/2 way down. Do a search on your favorite search engine using the name Silver Lamprey as the exact phrase.

    BTW, I have caught at least one Walleye with one or more on them this year. And, a couple have had small wounds which I figure were Lamprey. I did find a Sea Lamprey last year on a large carp.

  3. Yep, You are correct it was a Silver Lamprey! I never knew there were so many specicies of lampreys.
  4. i know its been discussed....BUT...should we kill a lamprey when we find it on the fish?
  5. I would say that we should get rid of any of the Sea Lamprey since they are not a natural part of the Great Lakes eco-system.

    As to the Silver Lamprey I am undecided. If they are on the fish when I catch it and the fish is going home with me then so is the Silver Lamprey.
  6. The Silver Lampreys I caught are now 2 feet under in my garden. Along with the 12 other walleye skeltons.

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