Lake Ogemaw ice conditions

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  1. Hi everyone,

    My parents have a place on lake Ogemaw and was thinking about going up on the weekend of Jan 14. Just wondering if anyone has checked it out and how much ice there is. Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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  2. so jealous..... What an outstanding fishing lake. My godparents had a place on that lake for 10 years but now live in florida

  3. Is Ogemaw really a good place to fish? I've been wondering about it. My cousin just bought some land right on the lake and we're talking about going up there and trying it out. What kind of fish does it hold, how deep is it? etc.etc. If you can give me any sort of information that would be great. PM me if you want. Thanks,

  4. I've never icefished it but during the summer I've caught lots of northerns,perch,crappie and gills. My cousins have been catching walleye in the summers for the past couple of years. I'm going to give it a couple more weeks to freeze up. I'm not sure how much ice if any there is now but anyone with info it would be appreciated.

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  5. We gota place on the lake, its great fishin in the summer huge bass decent pike, big gills and we got a few tasty walleyes. Im not sure on the ice conditions yet but ill be heading up somtime in mid february for winter fest, im sure it will be good by then, prolly safe now id imagine... iv done a little ice fishing there, usually set up a tip up or two, its not to hard to get a pike on um usein sucker minnows, got a few gills and perch also on minnows and wax worms, I mostly do machine ridin on the lake tho....good luck!!!

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  6. There's got to be somebody holding out on some info...

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  7. I've got a place on the lake it's pretty good fishin
    Pike are 20-35 inches lots of bass some perch n gills and it's been stocked with walleye the big walleye this summer on report was around 25 if I remember correctly
    It's has some big channel catfish in it too
    But about the ice I just got off the phone with the owner of Kay-jacs a great place to get all your quick fishin needs or beverages and munchies
    He told me there's 5 inches and some anglers fishin but that it's been slow so far
    Or there just tight lipped lol
    Whatever it is I'm bout to head up and find out for myself
    I'll keep you all posted
    Let's get fishin
  8. Thanks bud. I wanted to go this weekend but plans changed. I will be getting up there in a few weeks hopefully to find some crappie and big pike...

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  9. My father has been on this lake for 45 years and still enjoying it. I personally have caught hundreds of northerns while ice fishing. My uncle live on the lake all year and they say the lake had a lot of open water on it. This was Monday night so perhaps it has froze over since. Was planning on a trip up this weekend but if no ice, no way. Anyone else able to report ice conditions?
  10. Well I just got back from ice fishing on lake ogemaw from Sunday till today
    Had lots of fun caught some good fish and can report some thinner spots of ice but no open ice
    Everything I cored was 7 -9 inches and I checked and fished all over the lake and drank a few beers so I had alil extra courage along with a friend to get me thru till I found that it was nice and solid and safe
    I ate three meals a day on the ice on my grill and my only regret was that I left the quad at home
    Had a chance to talk and fish with some others anglers out there too and they were catching fish to
    Grabing the quad and my girlfriend right now and heading back up tmrw thru the weekend so come on up and fish on
  11. Anyone have a good report on the ice up at Ogemaw?
  12. Yes I am interested in knowing also.
  13. Headed up tomorrow morning. Can report back Sunday if anyone is interested.
  14. I was up there Thursday and there was kites of ice and anglers

    If ya ain't losing lures
    Ya ain't fishing
  15. Lots of ice

    If ya ain't losing lures
    Ya ain't fishing

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