Lake Interstate

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by mtschrump, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Drove by lake Interstate along I-69 today. There were 6-8 people out there. I havent been out anywhere yet. Hopefully by sat.

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  2. i like that little lake got really good fish i live on billwood right by it t some really good fish in it :coolgleam

  3. Care to share your secret:)? I can always go there and catch zillions of 5" gills in the winter. Caught some decent bass in the summer, but nothing worthwhile this time of year.
  4. my Favorite spot on that ice is around the ben strait out from the launch
    hang a left about 75 yards and about 60 yards off shore that will be 20 FOW ill be there monday morning at about 10:00 am hope to see u there my name is ted:coolgleam
  5. How much ice is there?

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  6. Dave, you just got to use the right jig and plastics:lol:
  7. no not really i never use plastic only in the summer
  8. I heard this lake is stocked with rainbows. I would like to learn how to fish it for them.
  9. i have never caught any rainbows i fish it all the time i live right by there
  10. How thick is the ice out there? Any clear stuff yet?
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  11. 6 inches of ice go:coolgleamod to go
  12. Thank you sir! Keep the reports going guys.
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  13. i was there for a little bit caught a nice mess of gills

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