? Lake Interstate ?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by flannelfish, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Just a question for anyone who has fished L. Interstate west of Lansing. I've heard it gets planned with trout. What is the general fishing like. I've been thinking of making a trip over there. Almost when the winter to drill some holes. Thanks for any info. Dave
  2. I,don't fish interstate,but do fish Lake Alliance,in Potterville.They usually split the stocking truck between the two lakes.Yes it has been stocked with trout.Both lakes are electric motors only.Alliance has hybred bluegill,LM bass,crappie,catfish,trout, & rock-bass.I,assume interstate has the same.I, caught a 10lb pike once in alliance,but is the only pike,I've ever heard caught there.

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