Lake Fenton Tournament

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by krayfish, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Anybody know or heard anything about this?My buddy just called me and said there is a tourney out there this saturday.If this is true can anyone give some details?Thanks,krayfish

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  2. Starts at 8 AM at Moose Lodge on NE side of lake. $20 to enter . Do not know what or how the tournament pays out. Believe there will be food and drink available

  3. Look back on the post I put all the info out last week it is under Moose fishing contest.
  4. DNR has tagged a pike it is worth ten thousand dollars Saturday the 29th at the moose fishing contest, signup starts at 7:30 meeting at 8:30 shotgun start 9:00 finishes at 4:00.:yikes:
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    who can watch flags the best? awesome.
  6. Spent the morning on Lake Fenton, Very few fish being caught. Spent the afternoon on Crotched lake . Nothing was biting. Hope sat. is better:)
  7. Is this strictly a largest pike contest? length? Weight? thinking about heading over there. Show em how we do it in the U.P.:D
  8. just curious if anyone was out there today?? looks to me like a snowmobile or quad caught fire? saw a huge plume of smoke on the way to the hardware, thought it was a house fire... ended up driving to the boat dealer repair shop area and saw a pretty good fire going with lots of gawkers on the ice.
  9. I was out there allong with about 300 people. Lived here all off my life and never seen the lake cover like that. A skidoo burned to the ground on the south end. Saw like a 35" pike caught I think that won it.The only people I didn't see was the DNR they could have wrote tickets all day long.(no reg/orv stickers,no helmut,too many riders on four wheelers) I fished with 14 locals best we could do was a few sub legal pike. Great day for it,was like a snow day for big kids. Seld my buddy was riding broke down and we had to take the suburban with trailer on the lake we were a little nervous. Man did we get some crazy looks from everyone that was still out there.
  10. And I think they should check for fishing licenses at the registration. Real slow day for us (skunked) but had a good time and ate some good food. We had between us 4 cameras and saw a total of 1 walleye and 1 perch. Thought we were in a prime spot, but I will never have that lake figured out.
  11. I was told by a friend of mine who helped put the tournament on that they are going to do it again Feb 19 (?) minus ther 10,000 dollar pike. I'm hoping to make that one :D.
  12. What was the prize(pay out) structure for the tournament??
  13. I was out there all day and only caught one small pike. The guys who won caught a nice 38 inch pike in about 40ft of water and brought in $750.00. They paid all the way to 6th place based only on how long your fish was.

    It was good time despite the slow fishing. Cant wait for the next one in Feb.

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