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  1. Lab puppy
    One of my hunting buddies just lost his master hunter lab. His wife has put me in charge of finding a pup for him. Larry likes long legged, lanky American labs. This dog won't do any upland work. I've been out of the lab game for many years and most of the dogs I see are English type.

    If you know of a breeder with this type of dogs I would appreciate some help.



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  2. If money isn't an issue I believe Hunters Rose Kennels has a litter on the way. They are in Dundee. Their labs are usually a little smaller than most but they are long and lean. They are pointing labs but run water as well as any dogs. Dale runs them in the HRC as well as the Am. Pointing Lab Assoc.

  3. Thanks for the reply. One of the guys I hunt with in South Dakota has one of his pups. Very nice upland dog.

  4. Grif

    I am as well looking for a lab puppy, I have been put on the mission as well to try and find a black lab puppy before x-mas if possible. I noticed your last reply... Has anyone ran into a litter that is ready to go. I was hoping to find a litter that may have come from some upland hunting. Anyone else that may read this if you know of any please PM me. Thanks

  5. I plan on getting a 2nd lab in the spring and I am starting my search now. My 2 1/2 yr old is of the type you describe with a very short single coat and that is what I'll be looking for. Pup will get mostly upland hunting exposure but also a lot of standard retriever training/drills in the spring and summer months for fun.

    HRK is one of my top choices and I've checked out their upcoming litters. I'll pass on any other breeders/ upcoming litters that fit your criteria as I come across them. Feel free to do likewise by PM.

    Good luck w/ your search. There's a lot of nice dogs out there.
  6. I believe HRK has a couple pups ready for homes out of Tig/Ripsy. Equally adept at waterfowl and/or upland work.
    There will be an all black litter in the spring out of my Gator and his Bailey,if you can wait....

    I'd also try Jydog(Jim)and Justbehindit(Mike) from this forum.

    Hope this helps.........................Paco
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  7. You might try Blue Gill Kennels in Allegan. I have 2 friends that have dogs from there and are very happy with them. I do not know a lot about labs, but have heard good things about Greg's dogs.
  8. I appreciate the info, and will give those names a try. I guess more specifically what I am looking for is a female, black lab puppy (I should have mentioned before). This would be for a good friend of mine, who is about the nicest guy you would ever meet. He lost his great campanion and hunting dog sometime ago, and the wife and I were just trying to make something happen for him for x-mas. I know it's getting tight on time so I will just have to see what I can come up with. Again anyone with litters ready or almost ready are welcome to pm me. Thanks again guys for all your help!!!:)

  9. If you want a dog full of fire, call Rodney Crim at Black Diamond Retrievers down in Oklahoma. I got our pup Luke from him and the pup is doing 190 - 200 yard blind retrieves and he isn't even 11 months old yet.

    Call Rodney at

    Cell: 405-694-7715
    Home: 405-387-2364

    I believe he still has pups available from his latest breeding. Most likely yellows but I am guessing. Speed, smarts and drive will not be an issue.
  10. Griff, you are a good friend for doing this but I hope you don't plan to present him with a pup he didn't pick himself. IMO, this may be expecially important for an individual who has trained a retriever to the MH level (a significant accomplishment).

    Another option to consider: If this is a Christmas present, suggest she give him a card with $200 and a nice note inviting him to put a deposit down on a pup of his choosing. Include with the note, the list of all the planned breedings you receive from the responses to this thread. My contribution is the HRC "Litter" website:
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