Kyle Randall From The Wilderness Journal Sport Show

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by mattmishler, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. My Kyle is putting on a great event on the upcomming weekend, it will be all the guys he works with for his show. Lots of great company's to come see what their product is. Kyle fishes with us on our charter boat in Manistee, we will be there with our charter booth so come on out to the casino. The link is 2.html
    Jan. 7th & 8th

    At The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
    Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

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  2. Sounds cool!

    Define "My Kyle" son ,friend. Just curious.


  3. :lol:...Made me think mrs T was a cover for someting
  4. Easy, just doing a little advertising
  5. Great show but it needs to be available on line. I like to watch past episodes on-line, Michigan Out of Doors has all their past episodes available and the two shows are both on public television.
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  6. Love the show..
  7. Does he still change the pitch of his voice and do the hee hee thing trying to be funny or sound excited?
  8. Couldn't tell ya. I only watched his show a couple of times and couldn't stand to listen to him. That is one of the few shows that I pass on.
  9. Will the EEEEEEEGIRLZ be there??? nephew wants to know.:D
  10. That's what makes it entertaining. As well as all the chances he blows on shots. Kinda like Fred Trost on helium.
  11. yep... he cracks me up
  12. Other than Wyoming, does he hunt outside of the Hopkins Trophy Ranch fences? Matt, you mean he still fishes in Michigan, seems like he is always in Canada somewhere. Plus, beauty must be in the eye of the beholder for those of you who watch the show regularily will know what I'm talking about.
  13. I watch the show but only if the wife is not in the room. She can not handle his voice. I have to watch it with the volume off. I like out of state hunts.
  14. I was up ther yesterday with the wife giving the casino some business so I stopped in to see the fair. My observations were that it's a small fair and their were more outfitters then I hoped and not enough vendors pushing goods. Hopefully Kyle and Co. can get more vedor booths next time aroundand really make a go out of it.

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